What kind of flowers should you give for dad

Your dad is the most important man in your life. He’s always there for you and has been a pillar of strength since you were little. There are many ways to show him how much he means to you, but one way that seems never to go wrong is to send flowers. The good news is that you can get flowers delivered in Canberra by Urban Jungle. But with so many flowers to choose from, selecting the right one can be challenging. Read on to know which kind of flowers can be a perfect gift for your dad.



Rose, with its lush petals and sweet scent, is a popular choice for Father’s Day. They communicate sentiments without words. They’re also a practical choice because they are available year-round and can last for several days after being cut.

Roses come in many colours, such as yellow, pink, and red. Before selecting a rose to give your father, find out which colour they like. Most men prefer red roses, while women are more likely to prefer yellow or pink flowers.



The orchid is the perfect plant for a man. Colourful, fragrant, and exotic looking, it evokes images of wealthy men in black suits who drink scotch with their pinky fingers outstretched to avoid smudging expensive glassware from one of those fancy-schmancy city clubs.

Orchids are associated with wealth because they’re pricey plants that require high levels of care. What’s more appropriate than giving your dad some luxury? You can add more meaning to this gift by creating a card with information such as “You’re worth every penny.” Consider adding a single stem cut flower like white roses, daisies, or carnations on top as a crowning touch.

Daisies and lilies

Daisies and lilies are both beautiful flowers that work well for a father. While not the most exotic-looking flower globally, daisies are still an elegant option for a special day.

And, of course, no list would be complete without mentioning lilies. They’re perfect if you don’t want to go with red roses but still want something traditional in terms of colours. If Dad doesn’t have allergies, there’s nothing wrong with putting these two together in one bouquet.


Carnations are also a brilliant choice for your dad. They come in many sizes and colours to suit any occasion. The small, single blooms will last about one week with proper care.

A bouquet of just the flowers is perfect if you know your dad’s favourite kind and if you know, he doesn’t have allergies. If not, a mixed bouquet is a way to go. Any father will also appreciate an arrangement of different types of flowers in one vase as long as there are at least five different colours or varieties involved.

A simple pick-me-up item like a coffee mug with his favourite drink inside would be perfect for those who want something more than just flowers on special days. Another idea is picking out an accessory that every man needs, such as socks, ties, or shoes. Dads need these things too.

The bottom line

Flowers are great gifts for both women and men alike. They can be used for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. So, there’s no excuse not to give your dad flowers.

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