5 easy to grow flowers for your garden

Not everyone is naturally green-fingered, I certainly am in the camp that cannot seem to keep plants alive for long. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to have a beautiful garden with plants and flowers. The trick is to find things that are easy to grow and maintain with little or no effort.

Here are 5 easy to grow flowers you should consider adding to your garden.


Geraniums are a classic garden flower, with an easy growing habit. They require full sun, and although it may seem that they will flower continuously, they will only do so once the top growth has died back and been replaced by the first round of new growth. The flowers are bright red with an attractive yellow centre and in the right light will last for up to 10 days. Geraniums can also be grown in pots, although they do tend to get quite large. The benefits of growing them in pots is that you can cut the flowers to use, cut back the spent foliage and simply forget they are there until they flower again the following year.



Tulips are relatively easy to grow in the garden as long as you keep them out of the shade. While the original tulips had a limited colour palette (primarily reds and yellows) you can now buy tulip bulbs in a variety of colours including white, pink, red, lavender, green and many more. For Spring blooms, look to plant the bulbs between November/December time. If they are planted too early, the shoots can be damaged by frost. The Netherlands is well-known around the world as a tulip-growing country. If you’re interested in purchasing dutch tulip bulbs, there are some great opportunities on the web so have a look around.



Roses are easy to grow and relatively easy to care for. You can have a large number of bushes and the flowers are typically white and pink in colour. There are hundreds of varieties of roses to choose from and you can get roses in almost every colour and variety imaginable. You can either start your own rose from seeds or buy some cuttings from a local florist.



This hardy flower is a no-brainer for a quick and easy grower as it requires very little water and minimum sun. They’re also lovely looking, as they come in a variety of colours including fuchsia pink and deep purple.


Lavender is the most widely planted lavender in the world. It’s a simple and gratifying plant to grow. Lavender can be cultivated in containers or in garden beds but requires well-drained soil and full sun to thrive successfully.


These are just some suggestions of flowers you can look to grow easily in your garden but there are many more. Take a look at the following article if you’d like some tips on adding personal touches to your garden.

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