Adding personal touches to your garden

Over the summer months, your garden can often be one of the most used parts of the home when it comes to socialising and relaxing. It can however also be forgotten about and lack a touch of personal style, unlike the rest of your home. The garden is probably the easiest part of the home to add personality to. It requires little decoration and it’s the smaller elements that make the bigger difference. There are so many ways in which you can reflect your own personal style through your garden, as well as creating the perfect environment for your socialising and relaxing!

stone walkway in garden

The overall look of your garden is made up of many small parts, such as tidiness, colour and design. Similar to the rooms in your home, it’s important to keep your garden tidy, trimmed and fresh, this way it will always look inviting. By keeping on top of your gardens greenery such as the lawn, bushes or hedges and flower beds, you can show off your garden’s style. A way of adding your own personal touch to your garden’s greenery is through colour. Nothing stands out more than a beautiful arrangement of bright, elegant flowers such as Hydrangea or Tulips, accompanied by Daffodils and Roses. Choosing flowers that have a strong, bold colour such as fuchsia, blue, yellow or white really make a strong impact and add character and life to your garden. Breaking up the greens and browns dominating most gardens with bright colours is perfect and always works well. Whilst planted flowers in your flower beds work really well, you may also want to consider the outskirts of your house. As you often find flowers in the depths of the garden, its often a really good idea to place planted flowers in beautiful plant pots positioned neatly around the walls of your home. By doing this, you’re drawing your garden together, evenly balancing the amount of colour used throughout your garden. It’s great to have colour, but spreading it out will work really well in making sure your whole garden is bright and full of life. So now is a great time to dig out your potting bench and plant some beautiful flowers in your garden!


Using special features to add character and life to your garden also works really well. Features such as beautiful wooden carved bird feed baskets or elegant bird tables positioned neatly in the deeper parts of your garden will not only add a sense of the magic garden but also encourage wildlife to enter your garden and feel at home. You can find so many beautiful styles of feeders and tables that work really well in all kinds of gardens. Other exciting features such as gnomes, or small figures placed neatly in your flower beds or trees can add a little extra to your overall look. Dependant on your personal style, you may find that adding little features like these brings your garden together perfectly and adds a little fun too.


The main part of your garden that needs to suit your personal requirements and also boast personal style is your social area. Whether this area is designed to simply seat you and a friend, or you have space for a BBQ and full table and chairs, you can really inject personal touches through this kind of area. Having a social area instantly adds character to your garden, as well as making it the perfect place for evening meals and parties. How you wish to design your social area is completely down to what will work best for you, and what you want to get from the space. Adding a large wooden table would be perfect for those BBQ’s or even just having dinner in the garden with your family. Similarly, a nice BBQ or Fire Pit would be a great feature to add character as well as coming in very handy on those cooler summer evenings. If you have decking or a patio, make sure you maintain it and keep it clean therefore it will always be ready for unexpected BBQs or social gatherings.

Finally, the most exciting part of styling your garden, the accessories. These may seem pointless as you usually have to bring them inside once you’ve finished, however, items such as candles and cushions can make such a difference to the whole atmosphere and look of your garden. You can really express yourself with this items, through colour, material and patterns. If you find a nice garden cushion or set of placemats, don’t hesitate! They really make a huge difference to the overall feel of your garden and will create a great aesthetical appeal.

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