How to choose a proper flower bouquet as a gift that conveys a message

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts in the world to celebrate any occasion including birthdays, weddings, Mother’s day, and many more. People show their feelings or appreciation by sending flowers to their family or friends, companies often gift them to their clients or send them to award their employees. However, there is more behind choosing the right flower than you might think. Flowers carry messages and symbolism within them, which means it is important for people to know exactly what they want to convey when they give flowers. In this article, we will give you some useful advice on how to choose a proper flower bouquet as a gift for any occasion while sending the right message and meaning.


Keep in mind the season and location

The season in which the gift is being sent also has a say when it comes to choosing flowers. For the spring and summer seasons, go for fresh flower bouquets that have bright colours and a light scent that can match the warm weather of these seasons like Gerberas and Snapdragons. On the other hand, during the fall and winter seasons, opting for a flower arrangement with woodsy scents can be a nice idea as they correspond well with these seasons. For instance, If you are sending flowers to a friend in Brisbane during winter, a bouquet that includes Rosemary would be an appropriate choice. Some companies delivering in Brisbane also offer same-day delivery services. This way you can be sure you are sending fresh flowers from interstate and that they will surely arrive on time.

Consider the personality of the recipient

A very common mistake made by people when choosing a flower bouquet is that they believe since the recipient is a woman, giving her flowers that smell good should be sufficient. However, this couldn’t be more wrong as everyone has different preferences and personalities. For instance, if the person is a young woman, giving her flowers that have a mellow and fresh scent might be a better choice as opposed to mature women who may prefer strongly scented flowers. Additionally, If you are giving flowers to a gentle and sensitive person, you should think of giving them flowers with a soft and feminine scent like lilies or orchids. On the other hand, if you are looking for a perfect bouquet for a strong and independent woman, go for bright and bold flowers like Gerberas or Anthuriums.

What’s the occasion?

The occasion is another important factor that can determine which type of flowers to give. Different occasions have different types of floral bouquets associated with them, even though sometimes you can get away breaking the rules. For special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, you should go for personalised flower arrangements to show your creativity and originality while using the right colours according to the event. On these occasions, sending a huge arrangement would make more sense while you can choose simpler ones for casual events. If you are unsure what to pick for a specific occasion, talk with the florist and they will guide you on which flowers are the most appropriate.

The colour of flowers you choose matters

The other thing to consider when choosing flowers is the colour. For example, if you are looking to convey happiness and joy, then go for flowers that have strong colours like red or yellow. However, if you are sending flowers as an apology or condolence to someone, giving them white lilies would be appropriate. On the other hand, red roses have been associated with love and passion while purple violets symbolise eternal love. In this case, you may consider giving your partner a beautiful arrangement of red roses then add some violets to the bouquet to get your point across. If you are looking to express gratitude and appreciation, giving a blue flower arrangement would be an ideal choice as this colour is associated with loyalty.

The number of flowers you send matters too

The number of flowers also plays an important role in choosing the perfect flower arrangement for a gift all these in mind, you are sure to find the perfect flower arrangement for any event. Normally, single flowers are used to convey messages of friendship or appreciation whereas it would be more appropriate to give a large arrangement for significant events like weddings or anniversaries. However, if you want your gift to have a romantic touch, try using two different types of flowers from different categories such as two rose varieties mixed with white lilies and foliage. Additionally, gifting even numbers of flowers is more appropriate for formal events, while odd numbers are considered more heartfelt and sentimental making it the best choice for more casual occasions.


When choosing the perfect flower bouquet for someone, it’s very important to take into account all the aspects listed above. As you can see, selecting the right flowers is more than just picking a nice colourful arrangement. All these elements determine the message you want to convey. So next time you are looking for an appropriate gift for your loved ones, keep all these factors in mind so you can find the perfect flower bouquet to complete your gift and make it more special.

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