Ways for kids to get crafty with pom poms (& make their own!)

We all know that children love to use their imagination, and arts and crafts is a fantastic way to encourage this. Getting crafty with your children doesn’t need to be expensive; a few pom-poms and some paint should provide hours of fun! There’s a lot more you can do with a pom-pom than you might first imagine; here are a few of these ideas. Time to let your child make the most of their unique imagination, and probably have some fun yourself along the way!


Use Pom Poms as a painting tool

Painting does not need to be done with a paintbrush! How about using pom-poms for a creative painting technique? Use a wooden peg to hold the pom in place, dip into the paint, and ta-dah! This will achieve a different look to using a paintbrush. Have different sized pom-poms to hand, and encourage your child to create various pictures. How about a snowman? Or a flower? Let their imagination run wild!

Make Pom Pom animals

Your child can easily turn pom poms into adorable little animals! All you need is some felt, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and a variety of different coloured pom-poms. Using child-friendly scissors, cut out faces from the felt, attach to the pom-poms and use the pipe cleaners as arms and legs! Then, the finishing touch? Let your child add the googly eyes and watch their pom-pom animal come to life!


Make some key rings

This is a fantastic way to make sure your child’s first house key doesn’t get lost! If your child is at the age where you want to give them a bit more responsibility, this is a great way to make it even more exciting for them. You’ll never lose the keys with a bright pom pom attached. Messy bedrooms and busy school bags can seem like a black hole, but problem solved with this simple craft.

Create a unique Pom-Pom rug

You’ll need a few extra bits for this craft, but it’s still a cheap activity; with a really cute outcome! It won’t take long, and your child will have a lovely new rug for their bedroom at the end. You will need a rug mat and a hot glue gun or some strong glue. Then, your child can choose whatever colour pom-poms they desire! Stick them to the rug mat however they please, and they’ll have a new rug in no time.

A Pom Pom game for the little ones!

A fantastic way to keep those little energetic toddlers occupied. All you need is a plastic tub, then just cut a little hole in the top (a little smaller than your chosen pom-poms). Your little one will be sat pushing the pom-poms in for at least 5 mins! Enough time to drink a warm cup of coffee.

Make your own Pom-Poms

Here’s all you’ll need to make your pom-poms; cardboard, a circular item to draw round, a pen, scissors, and some yarn/wool! So, you need to cut out a doughnut shape from the card, then start wrapping your yarn around the ring until it’s full. Then cut around the edge of the ring through the wool. Tie the cut yarn pieces together through the middle. Fluff up your pom-pom, and it’s done! Your very own pom-poms, now you can do other crafts with these, or simply start a collection. You can also get pom-pom making kits; this makes the process even easier, without losing out on the fun!


Time to order some Pom-Poms!

Ready to get crafty with your kids? Get your hands on some pom-poms and begin the fun. Singer Outlet stock a massive range, from faux fur to glittery. They even stock pom-pom making kits! Check out their website, and encourage your child to make the most of that fantastic imagination.

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