Fun ways to get your kids to be more active

We love encouraging the boys to be active, I think it’s really important to let them know how essential it is to be fit and healthy from a young age to prevent them developing any health issues in later life. As with most things that involve children, the more fun you make something the more they’ll want to get involved.

Here are some tips for thinking of fun ways to help kids be more active, who knows it might help you to lose a few pounds too.

Go Climbing

Daredevils listen up – rock climbing is a super fun way to encourage kids to be more active and with so many indoor climbing walls and activity centres popping up there’s sure to be one in your local area. Head there as a family and get harnessed up ready to tackle those tricky climbs, with smaller walls for beginners and super high ones for those who’re feeling confident you’ll have so much fun and you’re completely safe, win-win.

Swimming Trips

Ensuring kids have swimming lessons is a really important life skill and outside of the designated lesson hours you should try and take kids swimming for a fun family activity. The practice will really do them good at improving their skills and you can go on the waterslides and enjoy the more fun pools, whilst helping to perfect their techniques. Look for an outdoor swimming pool like Hampton Pool or a complex with lots to do to make your trips extra special.

Go to The Skate Park

There’s no denying that all kids think skate parks are cool places to hang out and with the opportunity to BMX, skateboard, and scooter around, there’s a variety of different hobbies for them to take an interest in. At the Skate Hut, you can pick amazing priced scooters and skateboards for beginners so your kids can take up a new active hobby. There’s also plenty of opportunities for them to make new friends too which will encourage them to want to go even more, just look around for a local skate park and head there to check it out first.

Hopefully, these ideas should encourage your children to be more active and there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get more involved in being more active, too.

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