Encourage your kids to be more active in a fun way: top tips for parents

Children are spending more time on their computers, tablets, and smartphones than ever before. As parents, it can be difficult to tell your kids that they don’t have enough time to play outdoors or do something physically active. But what if you show your children that it’s fun to get active by doing something different together? Here are some top tips on how you can encourage your kids to be more active in a fun way.


Invest in trampoline

Playing sports is a great way to get active and jumping on a trampoline is one experience that gets kids active while having fun at the same time. When choosing a trampoline for your kids, it is important to keep their age and weight in mind. Because you don’t want something too small or too big. it should be just the right fit for them.  Jumping on a trampoline is a great way for kids to improve their fitness levels, coordination, and balance. It’s also really good fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Reward your kids for their efforts

Parents should also consider rewarding their kids when they do take steps to become more active. Your kids will take more pride in their efforts if you reward them for their hard work. This doesn’t necessarily mean material rewards like toys and games (although that could be an option), but simply taking notice of their efforts and commenting on them can go a long way towards encouraging them to keep up the good work. You could also try doing something like getting ice cream after dinner one night each week, and your kids will look forward to it even more than the treatment itself.

Turn TV time into active time

If you find that your kids are glued to the TV or their devices more often than you’d like, try turning TV time into active time. This can be as simple as putting on an episode of their favourite show and then playing a game of tag or kickball in the backyard. You can even turn video games into active play by playing them together and taking turns moving the controller.


Give your kids reasons to be active

It’s a lot easier to get your kids excited about being more active if you give them a good reason to do so. For example, you could promise them a later bedtime if they’re out riding their bike before dinner or let them have dessert with you after they go for a long walk instead of watching TV. They might complain at first, but once they see how much fun they can have when they’re exercising, they might be more open to doing it on their own.

Create a fun environment

One of the best things that parents can do to encourage their kids to be more active is to create a fun environment. This could mean having organized games or activities that they can participate in, or simply providing them with opportunities to run and play outdoors. It’s also important to make sure that they are safe while they are active, so be sure to set boundaries and rules as needed.

Be consistent

Another key element for parents when it comes to encouraging their kids to be more active is to be consistent. This means setting healthy habits and sticking to them, as well as being there for your children when they need encouragement. It can also help to have regular family activity nights where everyone gets together and participates in some kind of exercise, whether it’s a sport or a simple walk in the park.

Set goals for them and help them achieve them

Setting and achieving goals together can play an important role when it comes to encouraging kids to lead healthier lives. Parents should encourage their children to set personal fitness goals that they can aim for, whether that means aiming for a certain number of laps in the swimming pool or even running a marathon.

Encouraging your kids to participate in sports such as soccer and football is also a great way for them to meet new friends and be active at the same time. Finally, make sure you set examples by having fun with your kids while staying healthy yourself.

Get active with them yourself

The best thing parents who want to encourage their kids to be more active can do is get active with them. Having fun activities that everyone can take part in is a great way to spend time together while getting healthy at the same time. From riding bikes together to going for walks in the park, there are plenty of options for parents and kids to be active together. And don’t forget that you can always join in on their games and activities it’s all about having fun.

These tips should give you a good starting point to encouraging your kids. By choosing activities that the whole family can enjoy, it will be easier for everyone to get involved and stay motivated. Make sure you set a good example yourself, create a fun environment, and be consistent with your encouragement and rewards, and your kids are sure to follow your lead.

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