Gift ideas ideal for families with active children

By nature, healthy kids are often active and full of energy. While this may prove to be a bit draining for adults, particularly if they find it quite challenging to keep up, this is a good sign that your children are developing well physically and mentally. To foster their growth and development, you should provide them with gifts that will encourage them to move around and keep active. This article lists down some of the most ideal gifts that you can give to families with active children.



There are various types of balls that you can give an active child. The basketball lovers behind Iron City Showdown suggest that you give your kids a basketball hoop that they can use both indoors or outdoors, particularly if you are giving a gift to a toddler or a preschooler. In this way, they will still be able to shoot a few hoops even when the outside weather is unfavourable.

There is also the option for you to give a Bosu ball that your kids can jump on or practice their balance with. While this may be an adult exercise equipment that you normally find in the gym, kids will surely have a great time playing with this. Otherwise, you can also consider a ball pit which will truly delight the children.


There is also the option for you to give a family with active children a trampoline. After all, most active kids love to jump. The key is in considering the space that the family has. For instance, if they have a large outdoor space, then you can give them a big trampoline that the children can use outside. On the other hand, you may want to consider giving a small one that conveniently fits indoors.

Scooter or Skateboard

Children of various ages can benefit from a scooter or a skateboard. Apart from being able to practice their balance, they will also have fun riding the scooter or skateboard even if it is just in your backyard. Just keep in mind that when you do give a scooter or a skateboard to a family with active children, you should also think about giving them the necessary personal protective equipment that they should use while riding such as a helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads.

Obstacle Course Kit

An obstacle course kit is another ideal gift idea for families with active children. In this case, they can set up the obstacle course outdoors, particularly when the weather is good. The great thing about these obstacle course kits is that they can also be set up indoors.


The gift ideas listed above are only some of the best ones that you can consider giving a family with active children. Some other gift ideas that you can consider include a bicycle or a climbing dome, as well as a sandbox. All these are meant to foster the growth and development of the children physically and mentally, and help parents too when it comes to focusing the energy that their kids have into worthwhile games.

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  1. Anna Janovsky

    Great post Maria! I especially like the obstacle course kit due to its outdoor activities which my daughter loves!

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