Nerf Party venues in Surrey

Ever since the first Nerf gun was released in the late 1980s, the foam bullet toys have become increasingly popular with kids and parents alike. Over the years, the range has expanded from the first two products to include different style Nerf guns, foam bullets and even arrow and water-based toys.

There’s little wonder that you can now book Nerf parties thanks to the popularity of the toy. Nerf gun parties are great fun for all kids with a love for this outdoor toy and can be a great alternative to traditional parties.

What are Nerf parties?

Nerf parties can come in two different formats. You can book a Nerf party for kids at a specially designed venue exclusively for Nerf parties. Or you can hire a venue and book a company to set up a Nerf gun experience if a venue isn’t local to you.

At a Nerf party, you will typically be provided with the Nerf gun, ammo, safety glasses, tactical gear and equipment you might need for gameplay. The location will then be set up with barriers, bunkers, sandbags, tunnels and more for an exciting gameplay that resembles a paintball party. Please note the exact equipment provided and set up will vary from venue to venue or depend on the mobile provider you use if you host a Nerf gun party at a location of your choice.

Nerf gun parties can be hosted both indoors and outdoors, and this can change depending on the provider you use for your party or the Nerf gun party venue itself.

Nerf Parties usually consist of 60 minutes of gameplay with a safety and set-up period required too. The exact gameplay time will depend on the package you choose, and Nerf party providers and parties can be longer or shorter. Always clarify this prior to booking, so you know exactly how long the entire party will be.

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Is there an age limit for Nerf parties?

While there is no age limit on buying Nerf guns for your kids, it is generally assumed that those under 5 might have difficulty using the toys. For this reason, many Nerf party venues have a minimum age of 5 or 6 for players. There is no upper age limit for kids’ parties, with some venues hosting parties for ages 15+.

You should be aware that smaller or younger children might experience difficulties getting around or using the Nerf guns, which might detract from their overall enjoyment of the party.

If you are interested in booking a Nerf gun party for your child, below are some popular providers of Nerf parties or venues that cater for Nerf gun parties on-site.

How much do Nerf parties cost?

Nerf parties can be held for different-sized parties, although there is usually a minimum limit of 10 kids per party. You may need to make a special booking for larger group bookings to see if your group can be accommodated. Due to the nature of Nerf gun parties, it isn’t always possible to add additional children to gameplay on the day unless you have no shows, so bear that in mind. The exact group size, again dependent on the venue party provider.

Prices for Nerf parties can start from around £220 per party of 14 children, for example, with each additional child at £13 per head. Other examples include £225 for up to 20 children with 60 minutes of gameplay and unlimited bullets.

Nerf Party venues in London/Surrey

Whizz Fit

Multiple venues across Surrey, including:

  • New Malden Leisure Centre
  • Spectrum Guildford
  • Tolworth Leisure Centre
  • Tooting Leisure Centre

whizz fit nerf party

Rugged Earth Adventures

Sutton Green Garden Centre
Whitmoor Lane

fd rugged earth nerf


Castle Hill Primary School


West Wimbledon Primary School
Bodnant Garden’s
SW20 0BZ

All Saint’s Primary School
78 Victory Road
South Wimbledon
SW19 1HN

Cranmere Primary School
Arran Way
KT10 8BE

Happy Nerf Day

happy nerf day

Multiple venues across Surrey, including (and many more):

  • Kingston University
  • Surbiton Town Sports Club
  • Chessington Sports Centre
  • Tiffin Sports Centre
  • Raynes Park High School Sport Hall
  • All England Club Community Sports Ground
  • Surbiton High School Oaken Lane Sports Ground

Kids Nerf Parties

Multiple venues across Surrey, including:

  • Kingston Grammar School
  • GOALS Tolworth
  • Surbiton High School
  • Kingsmeado Fitness Centre
  • GOALS Wimbledon

Nerf Battle Party

Multiple venues across Weybridge, Shepperton, Esher and Staines, including:

  • Oatlands Village Hall
  • Shepperton Village Hall
  • St Peters Church Hall, Staines
  • Ashford Community Centre, Staines
  • Jubilee Centre, Shepperton

Camelot Events

Henfold Lakes
Henfold Lane

camelot nerf

Oakwood Sports Centre

Smallfield Road


When booking your Nerf party, always ensure you know the rules and what will happen on the day, from age limits to party sizes, venue access, length of gameplay and any additional extra such as catering. This can help to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

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