8 interesting garage space-saving ideas

To say that garages are used only to store your vehicle would be an understatement, if you want to maximise the usage and get the best out of it, turning your garage into a workshop, storage space, gym, and whatever comes to your mind – you need to be efficient with your space. Oftentimes there is just never enough space in your home, and the garage is no different, but instead of just piling on stuff you don’t need, there are other ways you can go about it! So here are 8 interesting garage space-saving ideas to try!


Get an additional storage space

This approach might be way too straightforward, but sometimes it’s necessary – getting an additional storage space might be the only option for you! Having more than one car, and more than one hobby, can certainly create a ruckus in your garage, and on top of that, you need to store the things you don’t use on a regular basis. If you are not able to rent out a storage space and put your items there, you can always expand to your yard and build an outdoor storage compartment that will be next to the garage!

Create a smart shelving system

Probably the easiest way you can store your items whilst maximizing the space is to use your walls wisely! Start with building and setting up a smart shelving system, it can be in the corner of your garage or it can be spread throughout the whole room, it all depends on how much space you are working within in the first place. Before you jump into buying or making shelves, make sure you measure everything and plan it well, so everything simply fits its place perfectly! Also, adding plastic boxes to the mix and labelling them is a bonus!

Separate items by usage

Who said that garage storage is any different from other kinds of storage? You can always take regular storage hacks from your home, and apply them to your garage space. The smartest way to go about it is to separate your items according to usage – have the most used things somewhere where you can easily reach for them, whilst other things that you don’t need often you can hide in the back! With this being said, don’t be afraid to take your clothing rack, shoe cabinet, or anything else that might be handy in a garage, and place your regular garage things in it, tools, old items you don’t need and such! Start from small things like trinkets, nails, screws, and tiny things and move onto larger things – separating it by how much you use it and the purpose of the item, this will help you be more efficient and practical in the long run!

Hang stuff on your wall

If you simply don’t have enough space for a proper shelving system, don’t let your wall space go to waste! You can always use alternative methods and hang stuff on the wall directly, from tools, sports equipment to even bicycles, you can place pretty much anything on your garage walls! Just make sure that it’s sturdy and well placed, you don’t; want it falling down and making a mess, now don’t you? Use firm hooks and see if the walls can handle the weight of the items – and spread them out throughout the garage walls!

Get a foldable storage unit

Sometimes you’ll just need a bit more table space for whatever reason, but you also need to camouflage your storage compartments – why not kill two birds with one stone? By adding a foldable surface to your shelving system, you can camouflage it, making it a closed-off storage compartment, while on the other hand, you can fold it up and make yourself a table! It’s all about being efficient with the space you have, there are ways you can be both functional and practical!

Use your ceiling

A lot of people opt for spacing their items on the floor and cluttering their walls, but they often forget about the ceiling! This is actually a great way to clear up the floor and spread out your items for more space, by adding hooks and tall storage compartments you can actually get away with storing a lot of bulky items like ladders that would take up a lot of space! A lot of professionals deal with garage storage in Tucson AZ state that installing overhead storage racks the safe way is key if you opt for this idea! If done correctly, it can be a great additional space, so use it to your advantage!

Mobile workspace

Since a lot of the time, garages are used for indoor workspace, this means that a large portion of the garage will be used for that purpose. But, there is actually a smart way that you can have space and a workplace all at once! All you have to do is get a mobile workspace, like a table that’s possibly foldable and movable, so you can just slide it to another side of the room! A thing that can take this idea to another level is if you also use this mobile work table as a storage unit as well – hang all your tools and store little necessities within the table! This will certainly maximize the storage space!

Use your garage door space

It’s safe to say that garages are often tiny, so you want to maximise the usage of the space as much as possible! This literally means using every surface you can – whilst clearing up the floor, this way you can save up the most space. Clutter happens when a lot of things are located in one place and are all over each other, but if you manage to separate them and spread them out accordingly, you can get a lot more space! Installing racks on your garage doors can be pretty helpful, even as a temporary solution to hold items when you need them, and place them back once you have to open up your doors!

People tend to hold on to things, keep them in case if they need them again, and that’s totally normal, but when those things start to interfere with your environment you need a good solution! Having a good storage solution regardless of how small your garage is will solve all your problems, so make sure you delve into it and use useful tips to your advantage!

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