6 ways you can relax and enjoy your free time

We are continuously rushing against the clock because of our careers, social networks, everyday obligations, and parenting. We need to find a way to unwind given the significant everyday stress we experience, which might harm our health. To that end, here are six great ways you can relax and enjoy your free time!

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Get some massage therapy

One of the oldest medical treatments in existence is massage therapy, an age-old therapeutic method. The purpose of massage treatment is to manipulate the body’s soft tissues to lower tension, muscular tightness, and discomfort while increasing energy, circulation, and alertness.

What is more, the body’s blood flow can be boosted by loosening muscles and tendons. Massage therapy’s benefits include relieving chronic stiffness and lower back pain. So, if you live in Canada, a qualified massage therapist in Guelph will be able to precisely pinpoint the massage type for the best relaxation results. Besides being healthy, massage is also very helpful in combating stress and anxiety!

Take a nap on the sofa

Even while we all know we should sleep for eight hours each night, this is frequently not the case. We all occasionally stay up late because we spend so much time scrolling through social media or replying to emails. However, you can make up for the lost sleeping hours by taking a short nap during the day. Simply play your favourite movie or series on the TV, make tea, and rest on a comfortable sofa with soft cushions. Meanwhile, let yourself fall asleep if you feel so. A 30-minute nap will relax your body and mind and fill your energy reservoirs!


Whenever you have some free time, make sure you start with some stretching exercises. Ideally, you should stretch when you wake up. Stretching exercises in the morning are a great technique to relieve stress since they will make your body feel good. It won’t take up much of your valuable time and is beneficial for your muscles and sleeping cells.

Likewise, if you happen to watch TV for more than an hour, as soon as you stand up, stretch for two to three minutes to get your blood flowing and feel as though you’re going to fly. Start by stretching your arms above your head as high as you can, then bending over and touching your toes. Lift your toes up and hold them there for a moment, then release them, relax, and repeat the exercise several times, ideally until you feel the tension release.

This way, the cells get more oxygen, and the tension that has built up in every part of the body is relieved. Finally, you will be more productive and enjoy your free time after this!

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Take a hot bath

Use your creativity in decorating your bathroom. For instance, light a few scented candles, dim the lights, and prepare your favourite drink. Afterwards, indulge in a foamy, hot bath. Try to relax your whole body and think about positive and nice things. You will be amazed by the results!

Take a relaxing walk

Going for a stroll is one of the best ways to reduce or deal with stress. The act of walking itself is healthy for the body. Include in it the fundamentals of proper breathing from a meditative stroll, and you’ll be doing your body a world of good in the battle against stress, the greatest foe of modern man.

To engage more senses and help your body more easily transition into the stage where tension is gradually released, taking a walk outside, ideally in a forest or close to some running water, is recommended. In particular, a lengthy, meditative, and leisurely stroll can greatly relieve stress, positively impact many diseases, improve blood flow through the vessels, lower blood pressure, and ease nervous tension. In contrast to an average walk, a meditative one places more emphasis on breathing while moving. For example, count your steps as you walk and then time your breaths to correspond with the number of steps; for example, inhale for four steps and exhale for four steps.

This exercise is repeated for several minutes; the longer, the better. When you feel comfortable doing so, gradually increase the number of breaths you take in and out from four to six, then eight. By the same token, you can perform this exercise as you commute to work if you want to, to make you feel joyful.


Get into a relaxed sitting position on the floor or in a comfy chair. Your spine should be straight to maintain proper alignment of your entire body. With a straight back and knee-bent legs, the major focus of this exercise is to reduce stress by allowing energy to flow freely throughout the entire body. Take a deep breath in until your lungs are completely filled with air. Then, hold your breath for a moment before gently exhaling. Count to three while taking a breath, then let it out. Repeat this process as often as you can.

Make sure you practice these ways of relaxation, it will help with supporting their mental health and you will enjoy your time and life more!

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