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We celebrated my biggest boy turning 5 last month and to mark the momentous occasion we were sent a WOW Countdown calendar to review. The idea is much like an advent calendar but for counting down to a special occasion.

This is such a fantastic idea. E is now at an age where he understands the concept of counting down the days to something – like a day out or a play date and before we went on our short break to Wales at the end of March I had circled the date we were going so he could cross off the days until we were going away.

This Countdown Calendar was the perfect pre-birthday gift for E to countdown to his 5th birthday. When I presented this to him he was very excited and set about opening the first door straight away.

WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar

WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar

WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar

With each day that passed, he opened a new door for a different small toy to add to his collection and both boys had great fun playing with them. We are huge fans of WOW Toys in our household and it’s safe to say E had fun opening the doors to the calendar each day knowing it would be closer and closer to his birthday. Each toy is made from sturdy plastic and all 10 items make a lovely little playset. There are four calendars in the WOW Countdown Calendar range: Birthday, Holiday, Pre-School and Special Day.

WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar

WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar


WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar


  1. Tracy K Nixon

    Special Day please!

  2. laura banks

    holiday please

  3. Fiona Paley

    I’d like the holiday one please.

  4. Leanne Lunn

    Birthday Please

  5. Holiday 1 🙂

  6. Angie McDonald

    The Holiday one please!

  7. Charlotte Pearson

    special day @MummyFever

  8. Jo m Welsh

    The special day count down

  9. ashleigh allan

    the holiday one

  10. Karen Barrett

    Birthday please

  11. Rebecca Cusick

    The birthday one! These are a fab idea xx

  12. Aaron Broad

    The Birthday one looks cool xx

  13. Zoe Goulding

    The holiday one

  14. Liam Bishop

    The special days one 🙂

  15. LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    The birthday one would be fantastic for my son

  16. Which calendar would you like to win? . . . . . . . the birthday one if l were to win

  17. Gemma Brown

    i woiuld love the special day calendar please

  18. kim neville

    The holiday one

  19. Becca Staples

    Pre-school would be perfect x

  20. Angela Treadway

    Birthday x

  21. The special day one is fab!

  22. anthony harrington

    the special day one would be fab!

  23. Laura Pritchard

    Pre-school please!

  24. fluffypinkmarshmallow

    Birthday please

  25. Birthday please!

  26. Kristy Leanne Brown

    Birthday please

  27. Birthday please

  28. Birthday

  29. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    birthday one please

  30. Tammy Tudor

    the birthday

  31. The birthday one please 🙂

  32. lynsey buchanan

    Holiday one would be great

  33. Marsha Richardson

    Definately the Birthday calendar!

  34. kayleigh bates

    birthday one please x

  35. sharlene speakman

    your special day one would be great my son is starting nursery this September calendar like this would be fantastic way of getting him excited about going

  36. leanne williams

    the birthday

  37. Keri Jones

    I would like the birthday one 🙂 x

  38. Fiona Rennie

    The Holiday one 🙂

  39. The birthday one please

  40. Claire Woods

    holiday one please.

  41. Stacy Sorrell

    The Birthday Calendar please x

  42. Michelle Banks

    the special day one please x

  43. Birthday 🙂

  44. Theresa Parker

    The holiday one is lovely thank u

  45. Linda F McGarrigle

    A Special Day one is what i would opt for x

  46. Monica Gilbert

    My daughter turns 3 in September, so the birthday one would be ideal.

  47. Pretty Prizes

    The birthday calendar, please.

  48. Special Day please!

  49. The birthday calendar would be great 🙂

  50. Kirsten Barthy

    The preschool calendar

  51. Rebecca Phillips

    the birthday one 🙂

  52. Jennifer Ingram

    Special day please.

  53. Birthday, please 🙂

  54. emma j lowe

    the pre school one please.

  55. DanielleGraves


  56. Kat Allinson

    The special day calendar please

  57. Barbara Jane Shaw

    Birthday one please

  58. JamieLMDJs


  59. Samantha Atherton


  60. Natalie Crossan

    Birthday one pls 🙂 xx

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