Toy Advent calendar ideas for Kids

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If you have kids, chances are they will be getting very excited about the festive season and what better way to count down than with an advent calendar? There is an abundance of calendars out there so I’ve put together this handy list of advent calendar ideas for kids which will hopefully help you choose the perfect non-chocolate calendar alternative for your child.

Mine have decided not go to for a Toy Advent this year – sure sign they are growing up – but not old enough not to have an Advent at all though!

Toy Advent calendar ideas for Kids


Lego Friends Advent 2022

Behind its doors, this LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022 has 24 different miniature Christmas items that may be open each day before Santa arrives.

cce32988 lego friends

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Lego City Advent  2022

Includes LEGO City TV minifigure characters Billy, Maddy, Mr Produce, Tippy and Raze and Santa.

a09f90d5 lego city

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Lego Star Wars Advent 2022

Comes 10 mini model vehicles including Bad Batch Shuttle, Luke’s Ground Speeder, Republic gunship, B-Wing, TIE Interceptor and AT-ST of Hoth.
c789011d lego star wars

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Fidget Toys

Poppet Fidget Advent Calendar

Great sensory toys – one for every day in December. Made from safe and durable material.

6b824b6e poppet fidget

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Fidget Advent Calendar

Each door reveals a different fidget toy for holiday fidget fun. Something to keep them busy in the run up to Christmas.

5abc5a9b fidget advent2

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Fidget Advent 2022

These toys can reduce stress, promote blood circulation in the hands, and practice numbers and counting skills with your children!

2d426dc2 fidget advent

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Funk Pop

Disney Funko Pop

24 distinct Funko Pocket Pops are revealed when you open the little doors! depicting Mickey and his friends decked out for the holidays

cfb7a9a3 disney funko pop

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Star Wars Funko Pop

Featuring several adored Star Wars characters decked out for the season. These intergalactic heroes and villains are a great addition to your holiday décor thanks to the festive spin that each collectable gives to their normal appearance.

58436861 funko pop star wars

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Marvel 2022

With the Marvel Funko Advent Calendar, your holidays will be more memorable than ever! Spider-Man is dropping by with 24 distinctive Funko Pocket Pops! as you get closer to your holiday celebrations.

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Harry Potter

Countdown to Christmas, Harry Potter-style, with this Funko POP! Harry Potter Advent Calendar. It includes 24 little Pocket POP! vinyl figures – one for each day.

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Fortnite Funko POP Advent

Fortnite Themed advent calendar with 24 pocket pop figures based on the Fortnite characters.


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Disney Stitch Charm Bracelet Countdown Calendar

2f9071ef disney stitch charm

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Disney Princess Hair Accessories & Jewellery

The advent calendar features a gorgeous assortment of Disney hair accessories and Disney jewellery, including girl hair clips, bows, hair slides, combs, princess rings and bracelets with charms, and keyrings.


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Disney & Pixar’s Cars Minis Advent

Five vehicles based on Disney and Pixar’s Cars fan favourites are included in this advent calendar playset.


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Minnie Mouse Advent

Features a lovely selection of Disney hair accessories and Disney jewellery: girl hair clips, bows, hair slides, comb, Minnie rings and bracelets with charms, keyrings.


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Disney Storybook Advent

A lovely alternative to plastic toys, kids will receive a Disney-themed storybook each day.

6789f705 disney storybook advent

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Disney Princess

Give your little one a Christmas countdown fit for a princess with a new and enchanting surprise behind each door!

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Disney Game & Puzzles Advent

Collect puzzle pieces and 16 Disney 3D Characters like Olaf, buzz, Woody, Ariel, Jasmine, Anna, Sven, Mickey Mouse, Elsa, Belle and more!

882e68ae disney game and puzzle

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Cars & Construction

KreativeKraft Advent

Includes 24 miniature cars to unveil each day from 1st December. Also includes a play mat on the side of the box for racing and new adventures.

f9470299 kreative kraft construction

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Alloy Toy Car Advent

Includes 6 automobiles, 6 construction vehicles, 6 trucks, 1 helicopter, 1 Formula One car, and 8 road signs. Each automobile has its own distinct design.


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Sinco Hot Wheels

24 Hot Wheels minis toys, including cars, bikes, stickers, and other accessories and surprises, are hidden behind 24 miniature numbered doors.


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Hot Wheels 2022

Hot Wheel fans will love this calendar which includes eight decorated Hot Wheels vehicles and sixteen accessories.

e89c76d2 hot wheels advent

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Cars Advent

Contains 24 different cars, including sports cars, excavators, police cars, fire trucks, etc., it also provides additional game scenes, kids can use his creativity to choose his driving road.

1e62d037 cars advent

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Pull Back Cars Advent

Contains 24pcs of different toy cars,including bus, taxis, police cars, fire trucks, racing car, the airport bus, patrol car, excavator, mixer truck, express car and crane etc… All cars are pull back cars, just pull them back and let go.

937fc19c pull back cars advent


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Brio World Christmas

The Brio advent calendar  will help you count down the days till Christmas. Fold-down the front cover of the packaging to reveal a festive scene. Every day, a brio toy compatible with the brio world train system is featured behind one of the doors.


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Play Doh

A different Play-Doh surprise for each day of the season, allowing your children get creative with their Play-Doh creations.playdoh-advent

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JP Ryans World

With the Ryan’s World Surprise Advent Calendar, you can countdown to Christmas! Inside this entertaining countdown calendar are 24 ryan’s world-inspired surprises! To open and reveal your daily surprise, peel each date.


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BIC Advent

Every day during the Christmas countdown is new stationery day with the BIC advent calendar. There’s felt pens, colouring pencils, crayons, rubbers and more!


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Arts & Crafts

Kids get a daily arts & crafts activity for 24 days before Christmas. Each day contains a different creation.

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Upon opening the doors of this advent calendar, you’ll find special items such as notebooks, pens, stickers, and other children’s accessories.Upon opening the doors of this advent calendar, you’ll find special items such as notebooks, pens, stickers, and other children’s accessories.

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TINC Advent

Enjoy advent calendar treats every day as you count down to Christmas with exclusive gifts inside that cannot be bought elsewhere.

3162da3c tinc advent

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Playmobil Christmas

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Playmobil Christmas Toy Store

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Playmobil Santa’s Workshop

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Playmobil Royal Picnic

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Playmobil Magical Mermaids

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Playmobil Top Agents

Features Playmobil top agents as they build on a variety of gadgets and weaponry, with a powerful LED superweapon and two Playmobil figures.


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Playmobil Christmas Ball

Comes with a detachable rotating platform, 4 Playmobil figures and accessories.


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Playmobil Country

Open a new window each day to reveal farm animals and plyamobil figures.


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L.O.L Surprise! Advent

The perfect pre-Christmas present for girls, our charm bracelet advent calendar showcases some of the most popular dolls from the Born To Rock line.


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L.O.L Surprise Advent

The LOL Surprise Advent Calender comes with over 25 surprises to unbox including fan-favourite LOL Surprise doll, Costume Designer, with tons of accessories and fierce mix & match looks. Get ready to count down to Christmas

9a79ee64 lol advent

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Minecraft Advent

This Minecraft Advent comes with notebooks, pens, pencils and more.


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Crazy Scientist

For those that love Science, a novel experiment is buried in each box and each day, keeping kids engrossed for hours.


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Each day, you can add to your Christmas scene with over 50 surprises to find! It’s a Hatchimals take on a popular Christmas tradition!


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Amazing Magic

A box for every day leading up to Christmas. There is one memorable magic trick in each box. There will be SOOO much fun during the Christmas countdown.

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Traditional Chocolate Advent

Finally, if you’re looking for a chocolate advent with a difference, this Chocolate Covered Oreo Advent Calendar from La Di Da Sweet Treats will satisfy those with a sweet tooth. There are 25 chocolate-covered Oreos individually hand-decorated with a Christmas decoration.

770b4d5d oreo advenrt ladida sweets

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