Top tips on creating a calm nursery environment

It’s no secret that babies can be fussy little humans at times. And there can be many reasons for their irritability such as being hungry, a wet nappy, tiredness (and over-tiredness), wind, being too hot or too cold or even being under the weather.

Whilst some of these causes have obvious solutions such as changing them, feeding them or adjusting their clothing, creating a calm environment can also work wonders to promote a peaceful, content baby.

Whilst babies will share their parents’ room for the first few months, there comes a time when it’s suitable to transition them into their own bedroom. Here are some top tips to make sure your baby’s nursery remains a relaxing and soothing space.


Choose neutral or light colours

Painting the nursery in calming colours such as neutral tones, whites, greys, pale blues and pinks will help create a tranquil environment. Bright or bold colours can be too over-stimulating for a young baby and keep them alert and awake at bedtime.

It’s also a good idea not to over-decorate the room with too many fancy patterns or bright lights. These can distract your baby when it’s time to sleep and encourage over-tiredness. Consider installing some energy saving led plinth lights along the skirting to give the room a subtle night light glow.

Use a humidifier

Although not a nursery must-have, some parents find having a humidifier in their baby’s room useful at certain times. If the heating is on for long periods during the winter, the air can become very dry, so using a humidifier can help protect your baby’s skin. They’re also helpful if your baby is suffering from a cold, congestion or allergies and can promote easier breathing.

A cool mist humidifier is better, and always make sure it’s far enough away from your baby to prevent accidents or air being blown directly at them. It will also need cleaning every few days to make sure it runs smoothly and is safe for your little one.



The optimum room temperature for a baby is between 16-20 degrees. Babies can overheat quickly so it’s important to try and keep the nursery at a good temperature – use a room thermometer for accuracy if you’re unsure.

Place light bedding over your baby at night-time or choose a baby swaddle bag in a suitable tog for the conditions to keep them at the right temperature. To check if your baby is too warm or cold, touch the chest or back of their neck and remove or add clothing if needed.

Ensure you use a firm mattress and keep the cot clear of extra bedding, pillows or toys too.

Following these tips will give your baby a safe, comfortable and peaceful space to sleep in and hopefully allow you some much-needed rest-time as well!

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