Top tips for mountain biking with kids

Biking is an exciting and intriguing experience for most children. Mountain biking, in particular, is a great hobby. It envelops nature, exercise and adrenaline, and there’s not all that much in the method for mechanics to manage. Besides, the best thing is, you can do it with your kids.

Here are a couple of tips for ensuring everybody has a good time, and all of you keep on sharing grins for miles as a family.

Top tips for mountain biking with kids

Prepare your kids

Try not to dive straight in and make sure your child is confident and happy riding on level ground first before gradually progressing onto more bumpy terrain.

Get the right bike

Finding the correct bike is vital to kids having fun out on the trails. Test different makes and models of bikes to see which they prefer and feel most confident on. Also, make sure you have the correct frame for their size. For more ideas on getting the ideal bike for your child, take a look at the Halfords range.

Find the best local trails

Practice makes perfect so find the best open areas to take your kids to practice their skills before moving onto more adventurous trails. This beginners guide covers trails near big cities as well as Wales, Scotland and the Lake District.

Take regular breaks

Young legs tire easily, not to mention they can get bored easily. Take regular breaks to give them a change of scenery and let them play in the park or stop for a picnic so be they can also keep hydrated.

Accidents and bruises are inevitable

Kids are quite flexible and falling enables them the importance of learning to dust of, get up and try again. However, make sure you have a first aid kit to hand for any bumps and bruises along the way.

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