Simple tips that will help you take better care of rabbits

Pets make wonderful companions as they can boost your mood and make you more satisfied with your life. Moreover, studies have shown that bonds between people and their pets lower stress levels, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and increase the opportunities to exercise, which leads to a healthier lifestyle. When mentioning pets, people tend to think of dogs or cats, but there are other animals that make great companions, like rabbits. However, having a pet comes with a huge responsibility. Before adopting a bunny, you need to prepare yourself and your house for the new family member, so if you think you are up to it, this article will help you take care of your rabbit.


Rabbit proof your house

Rabbits love running around, exploring, and chewing on things, so you need to cover your belongings and items that might hurt the rabbit, especially wires, or you can place your belongings somewhere out of their reach. Rabbits need a hazard-free environment to live in.


Rabbits are social creatures that prefer to live in groups, so it is preferable to have at least two bunnies. However, in case you can’t have more than one bunny, then you need to be its companion, which means you can’t stay away for long hours otherwise your bunny will get depressed.

Indoors vs Outdoors preparations


Rabbits can live indoors & outdoors, and in case you chose to let your rabbit live inside the house, then the primary location of your rabbit should be next to you and your family. This way, it won’t feel isolated. Make sure there is enough space for your rabbit to run, hop, and exercise as rabbits shouldn’t be confined. You can get a playpen, but make sure that it is 36 inches or higher, so your rabbits won’t jump over and out of it.



Rabbits are a prey species, so if you decide to keep them outdoors, you need to provide a safe place for them to hide in whenever they feel scared. As mentioned before, rabbits are social creatures, so if you are planning to keep your rabbit outdoors, you have to get more than one rabbit to keep each other company. Having more than one rabbit means you need more space where they can play safely. Therefore, getting an outdoor hutch is a good idea, as it provides a hazard-free area that can accommodate more than one rabbit. The interior designers at prefer outdoor hutches to indoor cages because they allow your rabbits to enjoy the fresh air. However, rabbits need to roam freely on a daily basis, so you need to take them out of the hutch every day to play and exercise. Depending on where you live, you need to make sure that your rabbits are protected from the weather elements and high temperatures.

Provide enough stimulation

Rabbits are inquisitive creatures, which means they can get bored easily, so they need to interact with you, their environment, and other rabbits. Provide them with enough activities and make sure they have plenty of exercise time every day.

Provide Enough Bedding

Rabbit bedding is meant to keep them warm, but make sure it is safe to eat. Provide them with litter trays, place them away from where they sleep and clean them regularly. If you are going to use cat litter, make sure it is non-clumping and non-expanding, or you can use straw/hay or shredded paper instead.

Healthy Diet

Rabbits need to eat small amounts frequently. Their diet should be high in fibre. Hay or grass and fresh water should be available all the time. However, never feed rabbits lawn clippings because they ferment rapidly. Include small amounts of carrots and fruits. It is important to ask your vet about toxic food that you should never feed your rabbits, like avocados, iceberg lettuce, chocolate, and other foods.

Regular checkups

Regular vet visits for check-ups are very important. If you notice any behavioural change, then it is time to give your vet a call, and of course, annual visits will keep you on the safe side. If your rabbit is over five years of age, it is better to visit your vet twice a year.

Some may think of rabbits as low maintenance pets that can be left alone for long hours. Well, that is not true! Rabbits are interactive animals with distinct personalities, and they need your company to stay happy and healthy. Having a pet is an amazing experience, but it is not to be taken lightly. Pets such as rabbits need socialization, so if you work for long hours or have a busy schedule, then rabbits are not for you as they need your constant company and care.

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