Perfectly paw-sible: 5 ways to keep your pet happy

A happy pet is a healthy pet. Our pets can make us happy just by being how they are, but what can we do to keep them healthy and happy? Here are a few things to incorporate into their lives.

Make sure they move

Your pet will need a lot of physical fitness to improve their overall health and longevity. But if you have a cat that you are scared to let out, you can provide a number of different ways of stimulating exercise. All cats benefit from the outdoors, and if you live in a built-up city area, you could install a cat cage in the garden so they can be outside and exercising while also being safe. You should also think about stimulating them indoors, such as scratching posts and cat obstacle courses. It’s important to ensure that they exercise, but if they are exercising in hot weather, you need to ensure they are drinking enough water and are hydrated.

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The right diet

If they are eating cheap foods full of filler ingredients, they won’t meet their nutritional needs. Much like us, having an optimal diet that doesn’t put a strain on their internal organs is critical. It’s important to get to know your pet inside and out because while there’s no type of food that is going to guarantee optimal nutrition, you should understand the appropriate factors that will impact their overall health, for example, their weight, age, and tolerance to food. It may take some trial and error to get the desired result, but one of the best things we can do is limit the number of treats they have every day. We want to spoil our pets, but too many treats will have a detrimental effect in the long run.

Minimise boredom

You’ve got to let your pets out so they can see the world, but even if you need to keep your pet indoors, there are so many ways that you can keep them healthy and happy. For example, interactive toys can provide hours of curiosity and fun. Interactive toys move around by themselves and can make unpredictable movements that will keep your pet second-guessing.

On the other hand, you can also enrich their experiences through pet boarding, grooming and daycare services. It can provide them with socialisation opportunities, mental stimulation, and physical activity, minimising boredom while ensuring their overall well-being.

The right supplements

If you are looking for ways to fine-tune your pet’s health, it’s not just about diet; it’s about making sure that you give them the right supplements. If you’ve got a dog, a healthy dose of omega-3 in the form of fish oil or omega-3-enriched dog food will make a big difference to their skin and coat, as well as their brain and heart health.

Observe any unusual behaviour

Pets are masters at hiding pain, and it is your responsibility to ensure that if something is untoward, you must address this as soon as possible. If they’re scratching more or they are not consuming as much liquid as they usually do, it could be signs of underlying issues or pain. Whatever your preferred animal, ensuring that you monitor them during the day and night will guarantee that you keep on top of any potential problems.

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