Simple renovation ideas for every budget

Sometimes a simple change to your home can make a big difference. Even small changes can have a big impact on your home and mood. If you’re a homeowner, the right renovations can also increase the value or sale potential of your home.

Let’s take a look at some of these simple renovation ideas for every budget and different ways to lift your home’s interior and exterior.

Assess your priorities and budget

Before you start your renovations, it’s important to lay the right foundations. While you may feel like completely overhauling your home, sometimes budget constraints will influence what you can do.

To begin, make a list of the home improvements that you’d like to make. Then think about how important and practical they are. From here, you can plan and budget accordingly to get the most impact.

For example, you may be deciding between replacing your outdated 15-year-old carpet with easier-to-maintain flooring or adding fun paint colours to your white walls. Starting with the flooring may be preferable over painting as it will make the biggest impact both in look and practicality. Of course, your needs may change room-to-room, and may vary from small to large projects, so adjust to your wants, needs and budget as you go along.

Refresh your walls and flooring

There’s a reason refreshing walls and flooring are two of the most common home improvement projects. Painting your walls and replacing your flooring can instantly breathe new life into a space, adding personality or simply leaving a clean, fresh feeling.

When thinking about your flooring, consider your needs and style. Look for something, like a luxury vinyl plank, that is durable and easy to keep clean. They also come in a variety of different styles and tones to suit your space. As for painting, you don’t need a big budget to give your walls a fresh lick to liven up the place. A feature wall, colour blocking, or even just painting the trimming and doors can transform the entire room.

painting decorating

Upgrade fixtures and hardware

Whether it’s old faucets, cabinet handles, light fixtures or door hardware, older fixtures and hardware can leave your space feeling outdated. Switching them out can instantly make your home feel more modern.

Replacing your fixtures and hardware won’t only look great, but may be more efficient too. For example, your new faucet could include a detachable head to make washing those big pots and pans a breeze, or your light fixtures may allow you to use newer bulbs, which cost less to run. So, you’re not only getting a fresh new look but some handy additions to your home too.

Enhance lighting

Lighting is a budget-friendly and simple way to create ambience and set the tone in your home. A dimmer switch is a great way to easily adjust your lighting to suit the time or mood, day or night. You can also go for a simpler option by adding table or floor lamps, swapping out globes or updating your lampshades.

Lighting can also help make a room look bigger than it really is. By adding vertical lighting, such as tall floor lamps or long ceiling lamps, you can create the illusion of more space, while adding lighting to corners or recesses can help the room feel wider. Cool lighting (blue-toned lights) is ideal for brightening up a space and productivity, while warmer lights (orange tones) are perfect for making a space feel cosy and relaxing.

Focus on curb appeal

Of course, not all of your simple renovation ideas on a budget need to be within the home itself. Exterior home improvements can also be just as affordable and make a big impact on your house’s curb appeal. Something as simple as painting your front door, adding potted plants or window boxes, or even updating your outdoor light fixtures can spruce up the look of your home on the outside.

The outside of your house is the first impression people get of your home. So, even just tidying up your landscaping and enhancing the entryway will help make people feel welcome and create a space that you love coming home to. Plus, that neat, tidy and stylish first impression can help increase the overall value and appeal of your home to buyers.

Consider your own needs

At the end of the day, what home improvements you make all depend on what you feel needs to be done and your budget. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can make a big impact with the smallest changes, whether that’s painting a feature wall or your front door, replacing your flooring, enhancing your home with lighting or doing a little gardening. If you’re on your budget renovation journey, think outside the box and consider what small changes can make the biggest difference to your home on any budget.

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