Milestones: M’s lost his first tooth!

I wasn’t expecting M’s tooth to have fallen out so quickly. He’s only just turned 6 and I thought that like his brother, it would happen when he at least a few weeks older.

We only realised his teeth were a little wobbly in January and when I checked his mouth, I could see two small bumps starting to form behind his baby teeth. I encouraged him to give them a little wobble every now and then and thought nothing of it.

Over the weekend we were sat down eating dinner when M bit into a rib and said his tooth hurt. I took a look and sure enough, his bottom tooth had twisted around and was hanging out slightly.

I told him he had a bit of rib stuck in his tooth and would get rid of it for him. He was a little scared that his tooth would hurt but I assured him if it did, it would only be temporary. I didn’t even have to wiggle very much before it came loose. M took it all in his stride and was actually more worried about the blood but within a few minutes, he was back to eating the rest of his dinner.

I don’t think it will be long before the other bottom tooth is ready to come out and I am hopeful that he doesn’t follow in his brother’s footsteps where all his adult teeth grow too far behind and don’t push out the baby ones. (you can read about E’s first tooth experience in the link at the bottom of this post)

M with his first baby tooth
M’s first-ever visit from the tooth fairy at 6 years and 1 week

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