How to keep on top of housework: My quick and easy tips

How often do you clean your home? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am constantly cleaning up, yet something still needs to be done! As both Mr H and I work from home now, you can see what needs to be done, and it can be really distracting if I don’t look at how to keep on top of housework.

Luckily the boys are at an age where they are old enough to help, and they do need to carry out chores at home to help keep everything tidy. But in a small house with 4 people living in it, it can get messy really fast.

Keeping my house clean

With this in mind, it means I need to be on top of things, especially in my small kitchen, so things don’t get out of hand and pile up. While we don’t have much time in the week to do big cleans, we tend to get this done over the weekend when we’re both not working or expecting visitors!

If you’re time-poor like me, I thought I would put together some cleaning tips to share on how to keep on top of housework and what works for me.

vacuuming the houe

How to keep on top of housework

For me, the best tips on how to keep on top of housework involve the small regular things I do and making them a habit so things don’t get too big, meaning I need to spend more time cleaning than I need to.

Tidy as you go

One of the best tips I have learned is that things are so much easier if you tidy as you go. If you go to the kitchen, take any dishes or empty wrappers and rubbish with you and put them in the sink or bin. If you’re putting clean washing away upstairs, then bring down any dirty washing or anything else that needs to come down too. By doing these things automatically, I find it much easier to stay on top of things.

Have supplies in

When you come to clean, one of the most annoying things is finding out you don’t have the items you need to hand in. Do you find you just don’t do it if you run out? Buying things like microfibre cloths for cleaning each different room, e.g., one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom, and others for specific jobs like cleaning skirting boards, and having a microfibre towel to dry off afterwards in bulk mean you always have everything you need when you need it. If you notice you’re running low, put it on the shopping list before you run out. Do you’ve always got some in?

cleaning the house


Some products like Zoflora are multipurpose, meaning you don’t need lots of different cleaners for different tasks; you just need to use the same thing for general cleaning. Buying products that can be used this way can make cleaning easier for keeping on top of general cleaning. While in some cases, your bigger cleans need more specific products like oven cleaners, typically, you want to be using these on a day-to-day basis, and if you’re doing a little each day, then multipurpose products can be ideal for a quick wipe around.

Chore charts

Chore charts are great for encouraging kids to clean up with you, but they can help you avoid becoming overwhelmed, especially if you’re too busy to do big cleans daily. I find breaking things down and spreading out the bigger jobs makes it easier to keep on top of things and get everything done so nothing is missed.

We are all busy, and anything that helps to lighten the load is a good thing in my book. I hope these tips on how to keep on top of the homework come in handy for you, and I’d love to hear some of your suggestions too.

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