Cleaning mistakes every homeowner should avoid

Owning a new or old house comes with a lot of responsibilities, and one of them is keeping the house clean. People make different kinds of cleaning errors, including the defective use of washers, incorrect dusting, and even cleaning the tools they’ve used. Luckily, some professional individuals know what and how to clean the house. You can either hire a part-time or full-time maid, depending on your financial status and your needs.


It can be daunting for a parent who works almost every day to do all the housework. In some cases, housework is stacked up until the weekend. While it’s typically the case with people who need cleaning help only, they can choose to hire a part-time maid. Here’s an informative guide about the process of hiring a part-time maid in Singapore in case you’re interested.

While hiring a full-time or part-time maid can still cost a lot, some may prefer to do all the cleaning by themselves. Here are some of the common or popular cleaning mistakes that a lot of homeowners don’t know. With the help of this informative guide, you’ll know what and what not to do in the future.

Spraying cleaning solutions directly

Cleaning solutions may be sprayed directly if the surface is particularly dirty, but this technique can not always be used on all surfaces. Directly spraying can leave drop marks or residual film on some surfaces. The cleaner is to be sprayed over a rag so that it can be quickly washed and the surface will be cleaned efficiently without causing any damage.

Using lemon juice or vinegar

Because of the acidic existence of lemon juice and vinegar, it is possible to damage certain surfaces such as marble, Silestone, and onyx. Vinegar or lemon juice can make the appearance of these stones sluggish. It will raise your cleaning costs as the refurbishment is not cheap.

Using furniture polish for dusting

You may use furniture oil or wax often to preserve the looks of your old furniture. However, any time you use the same product, you will cause chemical reactions to build up the surface of different products that are made of various components. Also, the same furniture oil or polish must not be used as they already have a protective coating to clean new furnishings. You can only clean them by dusting the grains and washing them with a very damp microfibre.

Excessive use of cleaning products

Many people use more cleaning items to help purify messes and blemishes. It can be valid, but not always. Under some circumstances, not only do you use it excessively for cleaning the product, you ruin the surface that you cleaned it with. After reading the directions on their packaging, you can use the cleaning product as instructed by its manufacturer. In this way, you clean up your household goods and save a lot of money more efficiently.

Assuming that all cleaning materials are the same

You should spend some time reading the ingredients before you buy a cleaning product because all the items do not have the same effects and quality. You may also need cleaners of various types for different areas including kitchen countertops, sinks, and baths, which include a disinfectant to destroy germs. The EPA registration number printed on its label will recognize such disinfectant cleaning materials. You can also read the directions to use them, along with reading the ingredients from the label, so you can efficiently clean your home. Different materials have different usage because some can operate easily if the surface is damp and removed after a while, while others must be washed off right after applying on the surface.

Cleaning windows on a sunny day

You must be mindful that the heat of the sun will easily dry up your purifying solution and leave behind streaks on your window lenses if you are tempted to clean windows on a sunny day. It is safer to choose a cloudy day or a slightly hot day for such cleaning activities. On such days, you can quickly clean your window slides using any cleaning agent to remove dirt. You should leave it for a few seconds after applying the cleanser on the glasses of the window and work it with a sponge to remove all the dirt.

Finally, clear the solution with a horizontal and vertical overlap of the wiper tip. Do not fail to clean the blade after every stroke to avoid drippings on the glass of the window. This method can be used both internally and externally to clean your window.

Unnecessary cleaning treatments for fluid stains

Liquid contents may resurface from the lower layer of the carpets even without wiping too hard. As soon as you start to notice the stain, you can use a dry towel to suck out as much fluid as possible. To remove the residual fluid, grab a dry towel and start rubbing gently. Repeat the procedure before the colour of the carpet begins to transfer to your towel with ice water or club soda. If the stain remains on the carpet, continuously repeat the process until the stain starts to fade away.

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