Wedding Woes: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Big Day

A lot can go wrong when planning a wedding. In order to make sure that your special day goes smoothly, here are a few big mistakes to avoid making when planning.


Having no budget

Every wedding needs a budget. Without one, you’re likely to find yourself getting into a lot of debt, which could cause you to regret the wedding afterwards. So that you’re able to look back on your wedding fondly, make sure that you know how much you’re comfortably able to spend. You can find advice online on how to financially prepare for your wedding – this should all be done before you start booking anything.

Choosing an inappropriate date

The wedding date has to be carefully thought out so that it doesn’t clash with any other events and so that all your guests can make it. You may even want to check dates with certain key guests such as the best man, bridesmaids and your immediate family before booking anything – this way, you know that the most important people in your life will be there. Remember that weekdays may be cheaper, but that less of your guests may be able to come due to having to book time off work.

Leaving everything too late

One of the most common wedding planning mistakes is waiting until the eleventh hour to organise everything. Most wedding vendors will be booked up for several months in advance – aspects such as the venue, photography, catering and entertainment should ideally be secured at least six months in advance. You may still be able to find people to handle these parts of your wedding, but you’ll be limited for choice and may not end up hiring the professionals you wanted.

Trying to do everything yourself/relying on friends and family

DIYing your wedding can save money, but it will make it more stressful. You don’t want to be running around on your wedding day morning putting up decorations or cooking food for the meal (yes, some brides try to handle their own catering), so know when to outsource these jobs. Similarly, you should be careful of letting friends and family take on these roles instead of professionals. Even if they are professionals themselves, they won’t be able to join with the celebrations as freely if they’re having to handle important tasks. Rely on sites such as this page for finding entertainment and look for a professional to handle photography. You’ll pay a little bit more to hire professionals, but you can guarantee the job will be done properly.

Forgetting to make a rain plan

A rain plan could be important if you hope to have any part of your wedding held outdoors. Taking measures such as hiring a marquee or buying umbrellas could prevent everyone from getting drenched if the heavens decide to open. When it comes to wedding transport, also be wary of booking an open top vehicle unless you know that the roof can quickly be put on.

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