How to give your dog the best life possible

There are plenty of good reasons why people decide to get a dog. It can give you a sense of purpose, will help to keep you fit, and can provide some company on those long nights spent on the couch. However, while it’s good to remember all the things that a pet dog can offer you, it’s also important to think about what you can offer to them. As with all relationships, it’s important to contribute — the difference with your relationship with your pet is that your dog will give you back 1000x the love they receive.

For purely selfless reasons, giving the animal in your life the best existence possible is noble. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most effective ways to do just that.

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Start from the beginning

If there’s one thing that prevents people from giving their dogs their best life, it’s being unsure about whether they really want one in the first place. Some people get dogs for unclear reasons — such as, they’ve been told it’ll be good for them, or their kids keep asking for one — yet, while this does sometimes work out, it’s no guarantee. It’s important to be truly clear about your intentions about bringing a dog into your life. After all, while you’ll have grand visions of long walks on the beach and all the other goodness that dogs can bring to your life, there’ll also be vomit to pick up, food to buy, and trips to the vet. Only love for your animal will ensure you can do all those things!

Regular walks

OK, now, onto the good stuff. We all know that we have to take our dogs on walks. But keep in mind that taking your dog on two walks a day can really only be considered the minimum. Think of it this way: while you may be out and about around the city all day, your dog will just be waiting at home. They’ll love to go explore too! If you can, try to engineer it, so your dog spends as much time as possible outside. It may even be possible to take them to your office if your workplace has a dog-friendly policy.

Adventurous walks

Taking your dogs on multiple walks will keep their spirits up. But if you want to really make them happy — and why not? — then commit to taking them on a longer adventure every couple of weeks. By this, we mean going out into the great outdoors for a long day out. This is the dog equivalent of going on vacation, and you can bet they’ll have a great time! Plus, in the process, you’ll also be giving yourself a special treat too; studies have shown that spending just two hours in nature a week can significantly improve feelings of depression and anxiety.

Extra playtime

Your dog will love to play, especially when they’re young. In many ways, they’re like a small child! If you want to make your dog happy, then setting some time aside to play with them can make a huge difference to their overall experience of life. We know that it can sometimes be a little annoying or repetitive to throw a ball over and over again, but it’ll make your dog happy. The next time you’re beginning to tire from playing, consider adding another twenty minutes to the playtime.

Give them a massage

Who doesn’t love getting a massage? It’s one of those things that all creatures seem to love. If you’ve ever been to get a massage yourself, then you’ll know just how good they can feel. Your dog will love one too! You can take them to get a professional massage if you want, but you don’t really need to spend any money to create the same effect. Just give them a deep massage with your hands. We promise that they’ll appreciate it, and it’s highly likely that you’ll feel extra relaxed once the session is over, too.

And a place to rest

Can you imagine how inferior your life would be if you didn’t have a cosy bed to sleep in each night? It might seem like dogs are happy to sleep anywhere, but that’s not really true — well, they may be happy (because who doesn’t love sleeping?), but they could certainly be happier. As such, look at treating your dog to a comfortable resting place. You’ll find a host of cosy and comfortable dog beds at this site, so take a browse to see what’s available and invest in a proper bed for your lovable pooch. In addition to giving them a comfortable resting place, you’ll also find it easier to make them sleep.

Eating Healthy food

We all know that we couldn’t expect to be at our healthiest, happiest best if we’re not eating nutritious meals. And the same principle applies to the dog in your life. If they’re eating the lowest quality dog food on the market, then you can’t expect them to be full of joyful energy all the time. Find out which brand of quality dog food your dog loves, and then fill your cupboards. Also, while it’s probably not feasible to give your pet excellent human food all the time, it can certainly be the occasional treat for your dog. Can you imagine how much your dog would love a bite of a juicy, perfectly-cooked steak?! Normal food is important too, of course, so look into the best dog food for puppies today to learn more about that.

Limit the rules

You’ll need to have rules for your dog. You don’t want them climbing on top of the family dining table while you’re all having dinner, for example. However, while you’ll need to have some rules, it’s best not to go too hard on rules. Whenever possible, look at giving your dog as much freedom as possible. You might prefer to keep your house spotless, but that’s not a realistic goal when you have a dog. If you’re worried about how they’ll impact the quality of your couch, then consider getting one that’s suitable for dogs. They try to get up on the couch with you for a reason — it’s something that they enjoy! And as such, it’s one of the nicest gifts you can give to them.

Regular grooming

Just as you love going to the salon to get pampered, so too will your dog love receiving a little TLC. They’ll look and feel at their best if their fur has been properly groomed, especially if it’s prone to matting. Plus, with some dogs, their fur can fall over their eyes, greatly diminishing their experience of life — and they don’t even know it! Regularly going to the dog grooming salon will ensure they can always use their (somewhat limited) eyesight to the best of their ability. And you’ll find that they get a lot of admiring compliments from the humans that know them, too!

Time with other pups

Your dog will positively love you. But it’s important to remember that you can’t be all things to your pet. They’ll want to spend some quality time with other dogs, too. So take a look to see if there’s a dog park near your home, and make a habit of going. It won’t be long for them to make friends — and you’ll likely find that you make some friends of your own, too. Anyone who said it’s difficult to make friends in adulthood clearly never had a dog!

Ultimately, there’s value in giving your dog the best life possible. Take these tips, and you’ll have done just that.

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