How owning a hot tub can be beneficial to family life

Are you thinking about buying a hot tub for your family home? In this article, we discuss the benefits of hot tubs and how they can positively impact family life. We also explore the downsides to hot tub ownership, allowing you to make an informed decision that’s the best for your family.

Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

Quality family time

In today’s ever-evolving world, it can be hard to get that real quality time with our family members. Especially as our children get older, the presence of modern technology while brilliant can essentially act as a roadblock for conversations and quality time. That’s why hot tubs are so fantastic for families: sitting together in a hot tub means no phones, no tablets and no computers just quality family time and conversation.

Hot tubs are particularly good for spending time with your teenagers too. While the thought of ‘quality time’ with parents will cause most teens to roll their eyes, usually most teenagers will be happy to jump in the hot tub, even if it means spending time with mum and dad!

It is not recommended children under 5s use a hot tub unless the temperature has been turned down to a safe level, which can easily be done. A temp of around 27 °C-28°C will be safe enough for children to be in for a short time under constant supervision. It is also refreshing and comfortable for adults in hot weather too.

Quality couple and alone time

When you’re sat in a hot tub you can enjoy a peaceful 20 minutes without needing to answer to anyone but yourself. Your kids won’t be able to tug on your apron strings as they would if you were say… making dinner or sat at your computer. Of course, we’re not recommending you leave your kids unsupervised while you head out for a dip; instead, we recommend you take turns with your partner to keep an eye on the children, allowing each parent some much-needed time alone. If you want to enjoy the hot tub with your other half or if you’re a single parent, wait until the kids are in bed, take the baby monitor outside with you and enjoy a romantic evening in the comfort of your own back garden. The added therapeutic benefits of a hot tub i.e. hot water and massage jets makes it an excellent place to unwind at the end of a stressful day, and is something we recommend incorporating into your evening routine if you are a hot tub owner.


Guilt-free stress reliever

It’s no secret that being a parent/carer means life can get pretty stressful on the daily, and it can be hard to reduce stress without looking to unhealthy habits such as overeating, binge-watching TV and having one drink too many on the couch. These habits can be effective in reducing stress short-term, but as we all know, they can also cause us to feel lethargic, sluggish and generally unproductive in the long run. Hot tubs, on the other hand, are one of the few pleasures in life that are totally guilt-free!

Happier you equals happier family

As a parent/caregiver, it’s your responsibility to juggle the needs of your children, your household, your partner and yourself. Being the integral cog in the family machine can sometimes leave you feeling like you can’t ever afford to take a break. However, it is just as important for parents and carers to take care of their own mental wellbeing as well as the needs of others. Some would argue that taking care of your mental health should be your number one priority, as it’s impossible to care for others properly when you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Yet, with all the demands of hectic daily life, it’s easy to put self-care at the bottom of our to-do list. That’s where hot tubs come in: Hot tubs are purpose-built for relaxation and therefore the ideal space to retreat to when life feels like it’s getting on top of you. In fact, even a few minutes a day adopting relaxation techniques can help towards reducing overall stress levels. In addition, while your time in the hot tub can help to reduce mental stress, the water and air jets work to provide a stimulating massage which has been shown to reduce the physical effects of stress too, not to mention insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, fatigue and more.

Hot tubs and keeping families safe

Children over 5 should still use a hot tub with caution. However, 36°C is a safe temperature for kids over 5 to use the tub in short periods. When children are using the hot tub, full-body immersion should be discouraged, and each session should be limited to around 15 minutes. It is also important to keep your hot tub covered with a lockable hardcover and to keep the cover locked whenever the tub is not in use. Of course, it is also important to keep your hot tub sanitised and chemical levels balanced, but this is far easier than it sounds. All it takes is a simple test strip to accurately measure the waters sanitiser and PH levels which can easily be adjusted by adding chlorine or bromine granules and PH+ and PH- solutions.

Hot tub use can cause dehydration so it’s always important to drink plenty of water during and after using the hot tub. This tip is especially important for children using the hot tub.


It also goes without saying that young children and children who cannot swim should never be left alone in a hot tub, even for a very short amount of time. Underwater play should also be discouraged, and long hair kept tied back to prevent hair from becoming tangled in jet nozzles/filters under the water.

Things to consider before buying a hot tub


Hot tubs need to be properly maintained to ensure safe use. While there are many benefits to owning a hot tub it is important to consider that it is also a responsibility and requires time and attention just like any other investment. Simple hot tub maintenance includes regular water checks and sanitizer top-ups, PH balancing, cleaning, filter changes and filter cleaning. It takes around 5 minutes each day to perform water checks and adjust chemical levels, plus an additional 10 minutes every couple of weeks to change and clean the water filter. You should also empty and refill your hot tub with clean water every 3-6 months depending on how often and how many people use it.

Hot tubs are great for use in the winter, but if you don’t intend to use your hot tub through the winter months, it is important to shut it down properly. This is known as ‘winterising’ the hot tub and involves emptying the hot tub and flushing out the pipes to prevent frost and ice damage.


Hot tubs are luxury items and are not necessarily cheap. Prices for hard shell hot tubs start at around £3000 and typically last around 15 years on average. But you don’t have to fork out all your hard-earned cash in one go, hot tub retailers such as Direct Hot Tubs offer 0% finance schemes so that the cost of your hot tub can be split into affordable monthly payments. In addition, well cared for hot tubs made from good quality components can last up to 20 years plus. Inflatable hot tubs are far less costly but don’t tend to last as long or provide as much enjoyment. Inflatable hot tubs cannot be used in winter, unlike hard shell hot tubs which can be used year-round.

If you are considering buying a hot tub to: reduce stress, reduce muscle tension and soreness, improve sleep and sleep quality, improve social life or all of the above then it is important to ask yourself whether or not the pros of owning a hot tub will be worth your hard-earned cash. For some, one family holiday will provide all the stress relief and fun that the daily use of a hot tub can. For others, 20 minutes of bubbly heaven a day is well worth cutting back on other luxury expenses. Try to be sensible in thinking about how you will use your hot tub and the benefits it will bring you personally. Talk to other hot tub owners via forums online or through people you know and ask them how it benefits them.

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