How to get your child to be more interested in Science

Science is one of the most important subjects in school, but it doesn’t always hold children’s attention.  However, there are plenty of ways that you can encourage your child to be more interested in science-read books to them, take them on field trips, and have a hands-on approach to teaching, for example!


Reading Science material

Reading about other people’s experiences with science can be fascinating for kids who may not yet know just how cool this subject really is. Find out what types of stories they enjoy reading before buying any books so that you’ll know which ones will most engage them with scientific concepts. Be sure to read with your children, asking them questions about the content as you go along.

On the other hand, you can use other, more modern ways of teaching, more approachable and familiar to the kids these days. Visiting science websites and sites like this guide, playing online games, or reading digital storybooks for young scientists are some of them. There are many websites devoted to teaching children the main concepts of science in a way that’s creative and engaging. Allowing them access to sites like these will show your child just how cool science really is!

Learning Science outside the house

Spending time outside can be a great way to get kids interested in science. This is especially true if they’re able to collect samples of different things and find out what they are. Even better, you could take them on your own field trip to a science museum or other location where they can explore real-life examples of how science affects the world around them!

Children’s museums are another great way to get kids interested in science. It is easy for children to run around and learn about the sciences through play exhibits that are meant to be handled. The numerous sensory activities at these museums are perfect for getting kids interested.

Having a hands-on approach

One great way to encourage children’s interest in science is by having them participate in hands-on experiments and activities! These types of lessons will help them learn concepts that they might otherwise not learn through simply reading about them. These also help children understand how science is used in the world around them, not just abstract ideas on a page.

Also, learning about the world around them can happen as a natural result of what they do for fun as well as their jobs. If children are learning about money from working at a lemonade stand, get them familiar with different coins and bills, because it’s also a great way to talk about measurement and other scientific concepts! By teaching science through real-life examples, children may be more interested in the subject.

Aside from reading books and taking trips to museums, you can also allow your child to explore with learning toys like building blocks or magnetic playboards, things that will help them understand how materials interact with one another. For example, a board full of metal objects could help a young child learn about weight by seeing which objects cling to the board and which do not! These types of toys are great for encouraging children’s interest in science.

Getting to know what your child likes

One of the best ways to encourage your child’s interest in science is to get to know what they like! Some kids love animals while others are fascinated by outer space. Either way, you can keep their interests in mind when trying to find high-quality books, games, or other materials that will help them learn about science.

For example, if your child is interested in animals, buying them a children’s book about different types of animal habitats will help instil their passions in something they’ll love! Even if the material isn’t targeted toward young scientists, it can be fun for you to learn together with them.

Learning in group settings

Having your child in a group with other children can help with their interest in science. The other kids will encourage their own interests, so by being around them your child may have greater respect for the subject. You can try having them in programs at school or signing them up for extracurricular classes where they’ll learn about science while making friends!

Also, you can get other adults involved with your child’s learning. For example, you can bring in a scientist at work or invite them to come to talk to the kids about their jobs. The more they see how science is used today, the more they’ll want to learn about it!


Getting your child interested in science is easier than you think. All it takes is a few simple steps to get them started on their way! There are plenty of ways that you can encourage your child’s interest-read books, take them on field trips, and try having children in group settings where other children will help fuel the fire of learning more about science while making friends at school programs or extracurricular classes.

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