Simple ways to help a child that struggle with Maths

Every child is different and while some kids don’t have trouble with numbers and maths, others find it very difficult to grasp. This can be quite difficult because it’s an important part of their schooling and if they start falling behind, it will really knock their confidence. If they are unable to develop those skills from a young age, it could make things difficult for them in later life. So, if your child is struggling with maths, you need to find ways to help them out. These are the best ways to help young kids that struggle with maths.


Often, the disconnect between the skills they learn in lessons and the application in the real world makes things tough for kids. But if you can show them real-life examples of how their maths skills will be used, it helps them understand the concept and gives them a clearer idea of why they are learning it in the first place. You could go shopping with them, for example, and have them add up the cost on the way around. When you pay, count the change with them to help with their basic addition and subtraction skills. Baking is another good way to get kids interested in numbers because they can help with weighing everything out. Finding these small ways to introduce maths to their everyday lives will be a huge help.

Help them learn coding

Computer coding is a more important skill than ever, and there is a lot of maths behind it. Getting them into online coding classes for kids is a good way to make maths a bit more fun and teach them another valuable skill at the same time. However, be careful when choosing an online course because there are some, like Whitehat Jr, that can be quite unreliable. But as long as you do your research and check out reviews, you should be able to find a great course for your child.

Play Maths games

Maths isn’t the most exciting subject and a lot of kids struggle with it because they switch off. You can get around that problem by playing simple maths games with them to make it more fun. You are still reinforcing the concepts that they need to learn, but they will be far more engaged with it because it’s a lot more fun.

Consider hiring a tutor

If your child is really struggling and nothing you are doing is helping, you should consider looking for a private maths tutor london. There are some great tuition companies that can help your child catch up on the things that they are struggling with at school. Tutors are used to working with kids that are having difficulty, so they will know how to make things engaging. Having that extra time outside of school should boost their skills and help them catch up to the rest of the class.

If your child is falling behind with their maths, don’t worry. Just try some of these simple methods and they will get to grips with it in no time.

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