Finding authentic pieces when decorating your home

Decorating your home is the greatest way to make it feel like it’s yours. From seasonal changes to complete renovations, here are some tips for finding what you need when finishing a project.

Research the style of your project

You can’t successfully complete any project without planning. And home décor is no different. Researching the style you want to go with has numerous advantages. For example, it’s a huge help when choosing furniture for your home that matches your overall aesthetic. But it also helps you feel satisfied with the finish. Finding the style you need enables you to choose known techniques that match your home type, such as using “Shaker” in a New England farmhouse.

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Get help from a designer

It takes a lot of skill to design and decorate a room. First, you have to have an eye for these things. Then, you have to know how to put them all together. So, even if you know everything you want, you may not have the skills to get it. Don’t worry, though, because that’s what experts are for. You can recruit an interior designer to help you identify the changes to make and how to do it. Professional designers know what they’re doing and where to find original furniture.

Consider period pieces when decorating your home

To decorate and style an older house in an authentic manner, you need a keen eye, patience, and a little luck. But it also helps to learn the history of an older home if you want to restore it. Going to bids, garage sales, and estate sales are great ways to find authentic items you can use, such as period style doors. You might also get lucky and snap up the antiques you need at bargain prices. However, you should learn to haggle so you don’t pay more than you should.

Try flea markets and pick sites

You probably know what a flea market is. People sell all kinds of used things at flea markets, from office lamps to exquisite liquor cabinets. However, it can take hours to find something useful if you know what you want to buy. But picking sites are an even bigger part of flea markets. People everywhere have a lot of things that most people would call “junk.” But one person’s trash is another’s treasure, and you never know what you might find.

Buy new, yet inspired furniture

It can be time-consuming when researching your project and looking for authentic items to fit a certain style. And it can cost both time and money. However, popular styles often inspire those that come after, most of them return sooner or later. Sometimes it’s in the form of new pieces made by well-known companies. For instance, stores like West Elm often use classic designs as inspiration for their ranges of brand-new furniture collections that fit right in.


It can be tricky to make your décor project feel authentic. So first, you must research the style. You can also consider period pieces. Or you can buy new stuff inspired by classic décor styles.

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