What types of homes fit period style doors?

From Downton Abbey to The Crown, stately homes to afternoon tea, in the UK we have harboured a fascination with all things historical and ‘period’. Not only do we love watching or imagining how life was back then, we also love seeing the homes which they lived in, the clothes they wore, the way they ate and so much more besides.

This fascination has existed within our homes for longer than most of us can remember too, with antiques and cornicing, coving and parquet flooring, leaded windows and teapots all gracing houses across the land.

So if you have more than a passing interest in historical features and want to see them in your house, you might be wondering if you can have period-style doors. So what types of homes fit period-style doors?

A home of that era

Thanks to the beautiful architecture designed by our ancestors, we still have the ability to live in a period property in towns and cities, in villages and even in the countryside. It is often the case that the owner of home of that period would like to have sympathetic interior design to match the style. It’s easier than ever to find the right doors to suit thanks to the wide range of retailers such as Online Door Store. Not only is the choice incredible, but the products are all great value for money too.

Blue stained glass front door of an Edwardian house in London, U
London, UK – May 26, 2020: Blue stained glass front door of an Edwardian house in London, selective focus. Edwardian style promotes simple design and an appreciation for the handmade.

‘Mock’ period property

If you can’t buy a period house with all the requirements you need, in an area you want to live, there are plenty of new builds which imitate the style of a certain era. The benefit of this means you get the modern touches such as living spaces to suit modern lifestyles, energy efficiency and up-to-date electrics and plumbing too! If your home, or the one you want to buy is in the style of a certain period then doors of this era will look great in it.

Victorian bedroom
Luxury victorian bedroom with a fireplace

Contemporary home

Yes, you read that right! A modern or contemporary home has the ability to be styled in a way that suits the taste of the individual owner. And thanks to a whole range of fashions that are available, it is entirely possible to blend them together to create a mix of old and new. This can create an ultra-stylish and sometimes unique look that wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of an interior design magazine!

Period features can look fantastic in any home if they are implemented in the right way. Bringing the olde-worlde into a modern environment can create a stunning style that allows a multitude of accessories to suit all tastes. Your internal doors, in particular, are a subtle way of introducing a certain fashion or when paired with other features, can be a bold statement. From Georgian to Victorian, Edwardian to Art Deco, there is a range of options available for your period doors which will look great in many homes.

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