Earn instant cashback easily with the JamDoughnut app

I’m a big fan of using cashback websites to earn money back on purchases. It’s become second nature to me when I shop online. I was recently introduced to the JamDoughnut cashback app, and long story short, if you want to earn cashback easily on items that you are already going to be buying anyway, you need this app in your life.

Earn instant cashback with JamDoughnut

What is JamDoughnut, and how does it work?

JamDoughnut is a cashback app with a difference – the cashback you receive is instant. No waiting for months on end for the cashback to come through to your account to withdraw. Unlike other cashback sites where you have to click on links to make your purchase, with JamDoughnut, you purchase digital vouchers to use either online or in-store. By doing this, you gain points for these purchases, which convert into cashback. The cashback percentage differs by brand and how you choose to pay for your vouchers, but once you reach 1000 points (which is the equivalent of £10), you can then withdraw the cashback earned directly to your bank account.

As an example:

If you know you will be buying groceries from Tescos, you can purchase a digital voucher for £50. You can get 4.25% instant cashback with them if you pay for the voucher directly through your bank, so a £50 digital voucher means you earn £2.13 cashback. You can also pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay (the cashback rate differs depending on your choice). Once the purchase has been made, you can access your voucher via a barcode through the app to scan and pay for your goods. It’s that simple!

JamDoughnut cashback app

How do you receive JamDoughnut cashback?

Cashback for any vouchers purchased will automatically appear in your JamDoughnut app wallet immediately after purchase. When your cashback reaches £10, you can either cash out to your bank or use it to purchase more vouchers. This is one of the main benefits of using the JamDoughnut app—there’s no waiting around for the cashback to become available—it’s instant!

What brands are on JamDoughnut?

There are over 200 brands on JamDoughnut, including most supermarkets, food delivery, fashion brands, eating out, home improvements and many more. Each brand offers slightly different cashback rates, but here are some of them to give you an idea.

  • Adidas 8%
  • Amazon 1.25%
  • Asda 2.5%
  • ASOS 5%
  • B&M 5%
  • Boots 3%
  • B&Q 2.75%
  • Cineworld 7%
  • Currys 2.5%
  • Deliveroo 3%
  • Harvester 8%
  • Hello Fresh 7%
  • Ikea 3.25%
  • John Lewis 2.5%
  • M&S 5%
  • Morrisons 3%
  • Nandos 7%
  • New Look 5.5%
  • Primark 6%
  • Tesco 2.5%
  • Waitrose 2.5%

JamDoughnut cashback app brands

Earn more through Pumped Up cashback deals

Keep an eye out for JamDoughnut pumped up cashback deals, where you can earn a higher cashback rate on purchases for certain brands. Currently, there are pumped-up deals on 12 brands, including a whopping 8.5% at Primark, 8% at Matalan, and 4.25% at Iceland, Waitrose, Morrisons, and Tescos.

pumped up cashback deal primarkpumped up cashback deal

Find the best places to earn cashback local to you

JamDoughnut also recently released a new geolocation feature. Once enabled, you can easily find the best cashback near you. I checked what was around in my area, and I can get cashback with five brands less than half a mile from me including Iceland, Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Screwfix.

jamdoughnut geolocation

Jammy Dough – your chance to win cash prizes

Tune into the Jammy Dough live stream every week day (Mon – Fri) at 1pm to be in with a chance to win cash prizes and vouchers up to £100. (winners are selected at random)

My thoughts on JamDoughnut

I’ve been using the JamDoughnut app for a while and have made around £20 cashback. I think I’d easily earn a lot more if we did our grocery shop in-store rather than online. However, having said that, on the occasion I’ve picked up grocery bits, it’s been easy to use the app to purchase a voucher for the exact amount of my shopping and redeem it at the checkout.

So far, I’ve gotten cashback for purchases at Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Primark and purchasing tickets for Go Ape. I got out of the habit of using the app over the last few months but plan to use it on a regular basis again. We’re planning a cinema trip soon, and I can get 7% cashback on our tickets, so it is a no-brainer to use JamDoughnut to earn cashback for something you plan to buy anyway!

JamDoughnut WalletJamDoughnut transactions

JamDoughnut in summary

  • Simple and easy to use for purchases both online and in-store
  • Receive instant cashback – no waiting for cashback to be credited to your account
  • Pay by bank transfer for the best cashback rate
  • Cash out and get paid on the same working day (as long as you hit the 1000 points threshold)
  • Earn between 2.8% – 16.9% cashback on purchases
  • Rated no 1 in the Trustpilot cashback app category in the UK

JamDoughnut cashback app brands

Download the JamDoughnut app today and get £3 bonus for your first purchase!

You can get a £3 bonus for your first purchase if you use my referral link to sign up to the JamDoughnut app and use my referral code WNG5 (The JamDoughnut app is available on App store or Google Play)

Don’t wait – start earning instant cashback today!

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