100 Bored Jar ideas + free printable

Just as we’re starting to get into some kind of routine with homeschooling – the Easter holidays are about to land! Now, I don’t know about you. I am really looking forward to not having to juggle working from home and homeschooling at the same time, but this also means the boys will not have a set routine to stick to. This inevitably means I will hear the phrase “I’m bored” throughout the day.

I have decided to try and combat this by creating a Bored Jar. I saw the idea on Instagram and thought it was worth trying.

What is a Bored Jar?

A jar that contains a number of labels with ideas for activities and things to do when the kids say they’re “bored”. The idea is for them to pick one out of the jar to do.

Bored Jar ideas

Bored Jar Ideas

Below are just some of the idea that is currently in our Bored Jar, ready for Easter. Of course, due to the current COV-ID 19 lockdown situation, all of these are based around the house. However, The Mad House also has some fantastic ideas on her Bored Jar post for both indoors and outdoors. There are Bored Jar ideas for tweens and young children alike and the beauty is, they can be adapted to your child’s age and abilities easily.

Download Bored Jar Printable here

  1. 30 mins on your computer console
  2. 30 mins YouTube
  3. Bake a cake
  4. Build a Den
  5. Play football in the garden
  6. Tidy your room
  7. Play Dress Up
  8. Watch a movie
  9. Paint a picture
  10. Vacuum the house
  11. Draw a self-portrait
  12. Create a Bug Hotel in the garden
  13. Scoot around the block
  14. Make paper aeroplanes
  15. Conduct a Science Experiment
  16. Make your own slime
  17. Design and make your own board game

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  1. Play hopscotch in the garden
  2. Make Jelly
  3. Play a board game
  4. Colour in a book
  5. Create an indoor/outdoor obstacle course
  6. Play a card game
  7. Have a race
  8. Play Top Trumps
  9. Play musical statues
  10. Design your own flag
  11. Make your own pizza
  12. Cook something of your choice
  13. Create your own family coat of arms
  14. Make a Hot Wheels track/play with toy cars
  15. 30 mins outside on the trampoline
  16. Make your own video
  17. Build something with LEGO
  18. Make finger puppets
  19. Learn how to make a volcano
  20. Draw around your brother or sister
  21. Design your dream bedroom
  22. Make a bird feeder
  23. Have an ice cream or sweet treat
  24. Make your own family tree
  25. Use a paper plate to make a craft
  26. Write a poem
  27. Wash the car
  28. Make fingerprint animals
  29. Read a book
  30. Go for a walk
  31. Listen to a story
  32. Make a bookmark

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  1. Draw on the patio with chalk
  2. Make cards
  3. Craft with mum
  4. Draw a picture of our house on the outside
  5. Do a 30 min workout
  6. Facetime your friends
  7. Make biscuits
  8. Do a jigsaw
  9. Play a game of chess
  10. Make popcorn
  11. Create your own comic book

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  1. Borrow a camera and take photos
  2. Make a rainwater collector
  3. Create your own Pokemon character
  4. Make a marble run
  5. Create an animal out of cardboard
  6. Ride your bike
  7. Draw a map of your house
  8. Make your own playdough
  9. Find five toys to give away
  10. Design your own food menu
  11. Do 10 star jumps in every room of the house
  12. Find rocks and paint them
  13. Make your own treasure map
  14. Write five things your love about each member of your family
  15. Do potato printing
  16. Have an indoor picnic
  17. Make salt dough
  18. Write and post a letter to your friends
  19. Learn a magic trick
  20. Hunt for bugs in the garden
  21. Make Hot Chocolate
  22. Play Hide and Seek
  23. Make dream catchers
  24. Make something out of origami

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  1. Make chocolate brownies
  2. Draw a robot and label all his parts
  3. Play Hangman
  4. Practice trying your shoelaces
  5. Draw a family portrait
  6. Build a fort with blankets
  7. 30 mins free play
  8. Take photos of 5 favourite things around the house
  9. Have a Nerf battle
  10. Do a word search
  11. Make a mug cake
  12. Draw a picture blindfolded
  13. Face paint each other
  14. Do some bubble painting
  15. Make your own flipbook
  16. Interview a family member

Download our Bored Jar List!

To make it really easy, I have created a free printable that you can download of our Bored Jar ideas so you can just print them out, cut them up and pop into a jar with minimum effort.

Download Bored Jar Printable here

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