6 fuss-free outfit ideas for new mums

Being a new mum is a joyful experience. It can also be very exhausting as it involves late-night feedings, multiple diaper changes, and round-the-clock care for a newborn. With these tasks added to their day-to-day responsibilities, many new mums feel that getting dressed when they’ve had very little sleep is a gruelling undertaking.

Also, women who recently gave birth go through a lot of changes in their bodies. Their ankles, faces and hands may still be swollen since the fluids from their pregnancy are still present in their bodies. Additionally, the stomach may still be pronounced as the uterus has yet to revert to its old size. These physical changes can make it challenging to look and feel good in pre-pregnancy clothes that no longer fit as well as they once did.

If you’re a new mum and have a similar experience, you need to give your body time to recover from giving birth. While you do that, you can embrace your changing body and feel good about it by exploring different combinations of clothes. In case you need some ideas, here are some style inspirations you can use to quickly create a stylish outfit, even if you’ve just pulled an all-nighter.

Casual all-around ensembles

At times, putting together an everyday outfit can feel like a huge challenge when you didn’t get much sleep the night before. Fortunately, there are casual pieces you can wear that are comfortable and look good postpartum.

Tee Dress and Tights

One of the best fuss-free garments to wear is a tee dress. Similar to a t-shirt, this type of dress has a round neckline and short sleeves. The length typically reaches the knees, but some styles may have a longer cut. A tee dress is often constructed from a light and stretchy fabric that gives it a relaxed and casual look. The great thing about this dress is you can easily slip it on and go about your day. You can wear it with some sneakers, and you’ll stay comfy wherever you go.

In case you feel a little chilly, wear a denim jacket over the dress and some sheer tights underneath. Aside from keeping you warm, the jacket can enhance your look, and the tights can provide support for your belly.


Graphic Shirt and Elastic Jeans

Another effortless style option is the classic shirt and jeans combo. To make it more suitable for your needs as a new mum, you can combine a graphic t-shirt and a pair of jeans with an elastic waistband. The attractive design of your shirt will add a point of interest to the simple outfit style. On the other hand, the jeans’ stretchable waistband will feel comfortable and make these bottoms easy to wear whenever you’re in a rush. And because they’ll stay snug on your waist, you can easily pull them up without struggling with any buttons or zippers.

When choosing the style of your pants, look for straight-leg or mum jeans. These are flattering for most body types and won’t feel so loose that you appear bulkier than you really are. If possible, look for pants with an elastic tie waist so you can adjust the fit as your body changes.


Boho Chic

Bohemian, or boho for short, is a style inspired by the free-spirited lifestyle and hippie culture of the 1960s and 1970s. In fashion, it’s often associated with long flowy dresses and skirts with retro design features like embroidery, beading, and fringes. The style has evolved as people incorporate modern pieces to create a whole new trendy outfit.

As a new mum, you can stay comfortable with the flowy and roomy silhouettes that boho is known for. Meanwhile, the embellishments can help you look stylish with minimal effort.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a style staple in many women’s wardrobes because of its versatility. It’s suitable to wear for various occasions, whether you’re just dining out with your family or attending a wedding. As a new mum, you may love that the flowy skirt doesn’t feel tight around your hips or belly and that you can easily move around in it. So, even if you’re caring for your newborn, you can look stylish without feeling restricted by your clothes. You can even choose a maxi dress with spaghetti straps or a wrap design so you can easily adjust the top to breastfeed.


Tunic and Leggings

One way to have a modern boho outfit is to wear a tunic and leggings. As a new mum, leggings are great bottoms to wear. Since they’re made from stretchable material, they can help you stay comfortable as your body goes through many changes. Paired with a flowy tunic top, this results in a stylish ensemble that disguises any extra bulge you may still have. You can then complete your outfit with some sandals or a pair of boots.

Effortlessly Sophisticated

It’s possible to look polished without needing to make much effort, even as you care for your newborn. The key is to choose garments that will look and feel good on your body even as it changes.

Oversized Shirt Dress

In case you need to look chic and presentable in a flash, a shirt dress is a luxe and comfortable option. It’s a garment with a full-length opening at the front, usually fastened with buttons or shirt studs. These types of fastenings are easy to open and close, which can be very helpful when nursing your newborn. Shirt dresses typically have a structured style that suits many body shapes.

If you want to wear a shirt dress but feel the structured design may feel tight across your chest or hips, go for a looser style. You can then create a flattering silhouette by using a belt or adding a blazer.

Wrap Dress

Many women go back to work right after their maternity leave. If you plan to do the same, a wrap dress is a fantastic back-to-office outfit. It will easily pass as a business casual attire and is new-mom approved.

Wrap dresses feature a petal design in front, where two pieces of the garment lay on top or overlap with each other. If you’re a nursing mother, this design allows you to easily pump and collect breast milk while you’re on break without completely taking off your clothes. And in case you commonly experience breast milk leaking, you can choose patterned wrap dresses in a mix of light and dark colours so that the design camouflages the stains.

A lot of women will say that being a new mom is both joyful and challenging. Between learning how to care for your baby and coping with the changes in your body, though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Exhaustion can also make tasks like dressing up feel like too much of a challenge. But by trying these effortless styles, you can look and feel good with relative ease.

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