5 top tips for improving natural light in your child’s bedroom

The importance of natural light in a home is huge, and having plenty in your child’s room can significantly boost their mood and make them feel comfortable in the space.

In fact, when designing a child’s bedroom there are many things to consider around their mental health, from their bed and its position to colours, screen free zones alongside light.

When it comes to the latter, there are many ways in which you can improve natural light, so if you’re in the middle of redecorating, have recently moved home or are about to welcome a child, here are five top tips for optimising natural light in their room…

Choose light colours

It’s natural to choose light colours for a child’s room anyway, but lighter tones are also better for enhancing a room’s brightness.

The likes of whites, pale blues and greens and soft pastel colours will reflect the natural light and make the space feel much airier. Neutral colours are a good option, complementing that with bold and bright colours in bedding or accessories and decoration around the room.

Keep windows unobstructed

We can often be guilty of filling our child’s room with items of comfort such as soft toys and such. In many cases right along window sills.

However, it’s best to keep windows unobstructed, as anything on sills, furniture in front of them or heavy curtains could be blocking the light from getting through.

Instead be minimalist in your approach around windows and use the likes of sheer curtains or blinds which can be easily opened during the day to let the sunlight flood into the room.

Use mirrors to reflect light

Amplifying the light that is coming through windows is a good way of creating a brighter space. A good way of doing this is by positioning a large mirror opposite a window to reflect the light into darker areas of the room.

This not only adds a decorative element to the room, which can be fun and functional for children but also embraces the light coming through incredibly efficiently.

Consider larger windows, skylights or roof windows

Of course, one option that will take a little more work and investment, but I’d also the most effective is allowing more natural light into the room.

That can be done by adding windows or increasing the size of what you have. There are many options for this, with companies like NOW Aluminium able to create bespoke windows to suit the size of a room.

While this may be one of the more expensive options, being able to bring more sunlight in is only going to make the space more inviting and help maintain mental health and boost mood in your child.

Opt for light filtering window coverings

Finally, choose window coverings that allow natural light to filter through, while also providing the privacy and protection needed.

Roller blinds and cellular shades can be a good option as they can soften any harsh sunlight and protect against glare. What’s more, they are adjustable so perfect for all periods of the day,

It’s so important to consider the light in our child’s bedroom. It can really help improve and manage their mental health and ensure they grow up happy and healthy and have the comfortable space they need.

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