5 gift ideas that are perfect for everyone

I don’t know about you, but I find it harder and harder to buy gifts for certsain people each year. There are most definitely some people who are challenging to buy for and seemingly have everything or don’t need anything.

This is where you need to get creative and delve into what they like, what they don’t like and what gifts have been a hit in the past. A few years ago, I seriously disappointed Mr H by wrapping up a weighted blanket and letting him think it was a PS5. He has since got the gift he was expecting and uses his blanket frequently.

If you need some inspiration, then this post is for you.

gift wrapped box


A classic and popular option for a reason.When gifting, you don’t just want to buy any run-of-the-mill fragrance. You want to get them a bottle they have been desperate to try that is out of their price range or that they absolutely love. This isn’t the time to mix things up. Instead, do some research into what they are coveting fragrance-wise. Then, head to retailers like parfumdreams to help you make your purchase.


If your loved one doesn’t actually need any stuff per se, why not treat them to an experience that they can enjoy and create memories from? It could be a concert, theatre trip, one-off event relating to their hobbies or interests ie Comic Con, or absolutely anything they can attend and enjoy.


These days, you can get subscriptions for literally anything. You can choose from a subscription box that’s delivered to their home on a one-off or regular basis. These boxes can be anything from beauty products to coffee, meal kits and even self-care boxes. Or you can get magazine subscriptions, streaming subscriptions, gin box subscriptions, and so much more. Because of the endless possibilities, it is the perfect gift to tailor that will be loved and used.


Be it Zoo memberships, Cinema memberships, memberships to fun and useful apps on their iPhone like Headspace, for example, or memberships for local clubs and activities such as kids’ trampoline parks. This is the gift that keeps on giving as the recipient can enjoy access to a place they will frequent on your generosity. So whether it’s a year’s membership to the National Trust properties across the UK or even a Merlin Pass if you’re splashing out, show them how much you care but share this experience with them.

Gift Cards

Many people think gift cards are a bit of a rubbish gift, much like using the easy option of giving cash. However, if you are really struggling, it can be the ideal gift. Let’s say you want to buy your niece’s concert tickets, but you aren’t sure who she would like to see, when she would be available, or maybe the concert she wants to go to has not yet released tickets, a gift card or prepaid Mastercard can be ideal. It will give her the funds to book what she wants to see when she wants to see it or when the tickets are released. Chosen carefully, the humble gift card can be an excellent gift for anyone.

Recipe Book

If the individual you are gifting is a lover of all things culinary, then a DIY gift could be for you. Create a personalised scrapbook of recipes you think they’d love. Introducing something new is a great way to enhance their skills. For instance, if they’re a coffee enthusiast, why not provide them with a special sugar cookie coffee recipe? This gift can bring them joy any time of the year, not just during the holiday season.

Bonus: Apparel they’ll love

Clothing gifts offer a personal touch, especially when they reflect the recipient’s style or interests. Consider giving a unique T-shirt or other apparel items for a thoughtful and fashionable choice. You could opt for a specific theme. Are they into Star Wars or Game of Thrones? Get them T-shirts with iconic images from either show. If they’re vocal about their Faith in Jesus Christ, some soft Christian T-shirts are also a good idea.

For an added surprise, match the apparel with accessories or a complementary item, like a scarf or a hat or even casual jewellery, to complete the gift. Remember to consider their size and fashion preferences to ensure your gift is both stylish and well-received.

I hope these ideas help you out when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. These are tips I have used myself in the past and will probably use time and time again, too. Let me know your top tips for gifting this Christmas.

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