5 Big Benefits of Blogging

When deciding to begin blogging, it is imperative that you are aware of what it entails; a consistent posting schedule featuring fresh content about relevant global trends. However, this does not mean that blog posts should be mindlessly churned out, as this will only lead to a decline in readership. Posts should include subjects that you are passionate about- bringing that secret touch of sincerity, and enthusiasm to your writing that captivates the audience.

Once you’ve decided to start blogging, chosen the niche that you’re going to cater to, and the topics you will write on; you will need to look into how to start a blog. However, if you’re still not convinced on whether you need a blog, here are five big benefits of blogging that are sure to help you make a move!


Increased Visibility

Blogging allows you to directly interact with a new group of people to increase, or realign their perception towards new ideas they might be unaware of.

The demographic gained enjoys interests that are similar to yours, and as a result, they are attracted to what you have to sell; your ideas, or a tangible good. A pleased viewership will share your material across social media platforms, and Internet forums, which net you an expanding audience.

A Personal Relationship

Your newfound audience interacts with you by commenting on your blog posts or reaching out to you through email. This provides you the opportunity to gather valuable information, and receive immediate feedback.

You can inquire to check how your posts are being received; positive or negative criticism can be exploited to either post similar content, or to shake things up. By networking with your audience, you create a personal relationship with them, ensuring that you have a dedicated and loyal following.

Earnings Potential

Your blog has the potential of becoming an additional revenue stream, increasing your monthly earnings considerably. You can monetise the traffic by placing advertisements across each page of your blog.

The audience that visits your website will undoubtedly be drawn towards the ads that appear alongside your content. Each click on a particular advertisement, such as a banner ad, will gain a set percentage of revenue for you.

Become an Expert

Blogging helps position you as an industry expert in your particular field of interest. Continuous posting allows the provision of insights, and essential information that helps increase the trust in your expertise your audience holds for you.

Your viewership will always recall your advice and tips when looking to purchase goods. Their high-regard for your views about specific products and services will influence their buying behaviour. Such bloggers are also known as micro influencers, and their viewers will either abstain from the purchase of certain goods or buy products that you have bolstered through your blogging.

Encourage Your Product

Through blogging, you market your:

  • Ideas
  • Products
  • Services
  • Brands

When you’re selling a product you manufacture or a service you provide, the influence you wield allows you to promote your product directly to your readers. The audience becomes aware of the features and benefits provided by the use of your product. By carefully choosing your words and your tone, you can subtly market your products without it seeming like too much of a sales pitch.

Having your own workspace to concentrate is a must. Blogging offers a fantastic opportunity to fulfil your ambition, and can easily become a full-time job provided you post regularly and remain sincere in your desire to produce engaging content. Furthermore, it can become an extremely lucrative endeavour not only in terms of the monetary success but also the influence you hold. The five benefits we have listed are not exhaustive, but we feel these are important to consider at any level of proficiency you might currently have with blogs.

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