Wicked Wednesdays 04-02-13

In honour of his 2nd birthday today it had to be another #wickedwednesday from M! Here he is after having gotten bored with food shopping – this boy really can sleep anywhere!!!


Linking up to the lovely brummymummyof2’s #WickedWednesdays


  1. mommyslittleprincesses

    Aaaàh bless him, he looks so cute.xx

  2. He looks so comfy!

  3. Gemma Bialogrodzka

    This is amazing, he looks so comfy snoozing in that trolley!
    Happy Birthday to M x

  4. Merlinda Little

    I have that talent too but I am not as cute when I nap just about everywhere =)

  5. Aww! Adorable!
    I hope he had a great birthday x

  6. Oh bless he really can! SO CUTE! Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays and I hope to see you same time same place tomorrow! x

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