Which accommodation should I choose to study in Barcelona?

No doubt, Barcelona is a beautiful city with outstanding real estate. Whether you are a student or an ex-pat, you will find suitable accommodation. Nevertheless, factors such as the accommodation cost and location will also sway your decision.

Students often want to study in a good atmosphere, so it would be good to get an apartment in Barcelona to help you achieve your academic goals. To help you choose rightly, we will discuss the various types of accommodations and rentals available for students in Barcelona and how they will benefit you.

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Types of accommodation

The type of accommodation available in the location where you want to stay often determines where you should stay to study. Most often, students in Barcelona opt to stay in flats. To save costs, students share the flats, and the rent of the shared apartments is shared equally among the students. The rooms and toilets are not shared, but the kitchen area and sitting rooms are shared. You can rent a whole flat in Barcelona if you can afford it too. Privacy will also help one study better.

Short-term or long-term rental

In most cases, students opt for a short-term rental if their program is at most six months. However, if you will study for at least two years, opt for a long-term rental to save money. Long-term rentals save money compared to short-term rentals. However, an apartment short term rental in Barcelona is preferable if your school program is not longer than one year.

Tips to help you choose the right accommodation to study

Choosing the right accommodation to study in Barcelona may be confusing if you are not careful. However, follow these tips below:

On-site facilities & activities

Recreational activities also help students study better. Even though staying in a bustling area is not recommended, ensure some basic facilities and activities are carried out within your preferred location. You don’t need a house that is too far from activities such as a gym, public park, mall, etc.

Security and safety

Barcelona is generally safe and secure. However, you can choose accommodations with extra security measures. Ensure that you will be safe studying in the area where you live. Furthermore, staying in a secure area in Barcelona will help you sleep better. Find out if the halls of the building where you stay have high-quality cameras. Also, your parents will be happy that you are safe.

Rent cost

Don’t stay in highbrow areas of Barcelona unless you can afford it. Meanwhile, you could save on the extra cost of the rent and stay in a decent area with reasonable security measures. Don’t forget, all you need is a decent apartment to study in and not much luxury.


Don’t be swayed into renting a luxury apartment to study in Barcelona. As a student, you need a decent flat with basic amenities like security, Wi-Fi, etc. Remember to get accommodation close to public facilities like malls, parks, etc. Finally, to find a suitable apartment to study in Barcelona, check out this website.

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