What kitchen countertop material is best for an aesthetic look?

Lately, kitchen trends revolved around aesthetics. White marble countertops were off the charts in the past years as one of the most appreciated and used kitchen designs. However, arched spaces also increased in popularity as a finer kitchen architecture.

Indeed, kitchen interior design has shifted from the initial goal of self-sufficiency and functionality most of the time. Whether it is about massive islands that occupy too much space or avoiding workflow importance and appliance arrangement, kitchens can become rather messy despite being beautiful if they’re not projected the right way.

But since designing an entire kitchen takes time and every object, material, and space is essential, in this article, we’ll only focus on kitchen countertops. They’re crucial to every kitchen because preparation spaces are helpful, so the materials they’re made of must be durable. However, that doesn’t mean they should be unattractive. So, let’s dive into the ideal aesthetically pleasing countertop materials.

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For those who love industrial looks and are looking for effortless but well-planned kitchen layouts, choosing concrete for the entire kitchen, not only the countertops, is best. That’s because concrete is highly durable, waterproof can be paired with almost any colour or design.

They can be rather expensive, but not if you DIY them. Still, installation must be done by a professional, so the process of having concrete countertops can be challenging. If you’re not ready yet to commit, you can choose cheaper and more accessible alternatives for countertops from  Kitchen Warehouse Ltd that will still satisfy your aesthetic goals.

Stainless steel

Another industrial kitchen countertop idea is stainless steel. It’s highly durable even if it’s prone to scratches since liquids or chemicals can’t penetrate the materials, and no stains will be made. Stainless steel is also resistant to heat and easy to maintain, as a simple wipe can clean almost every stain.

Still, stainless steel can feel cold and distant as it fits industrial kitchens better. It can sometimes be noisy, too, so dropping something on it in the middle of the night can cause quite a stir. Moreover, it requires professional installation.

High-tensile glass

Choosing high-tensile glass is best if you’re looking for a fancy and unique kitchen countertop. Besides the obvious aesthetics, glass is an excellent material for the kitchen because it resists bacteria and can be cleaned effortlessly. It’s also durable against heat, scratches, mould, and stains.

On the other hand, despite its strength, high-tensile glass can crack under certain weights and after sudden impact, so it might not be the best idea to install it if you have kids or animals. At the same time, it can be considerably expensive to install and source.


Certain types of manufactured materials with wood are popular for kitchen countertops, even if most people see it unfit. Wood countertops are durable, affordable and have natural antibacterial properties. Moreover, they offer the kitchen a vintage and classic look without much effort.

Hardwood is great for countertops, so types like rock maple, acacia, white oak, and black walnut are standard options. These countertops can be transformed into various designs and looks and introduced in different kitchen settings for a brighter or more mysterious aesthetic.


Porcelain in countertops has been an emerging trend in recent years, as most kitchens have these installations. Porcelain is an excellent alternative to natural stone, as it has similar heat resistance and low water absorption features.

The material is also durable and solid, so it’s scratch-resistant. Unfortunately, porcelain’s thin slabs make it prone to cracking, so it must be maintained with care. Regardless, it’s the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen material.


Copper kitchen countertops may be any maximalist’s dream because they’re bold and unique. Some choose copper for countertops because of the patina, which looks like some staining but with style. To avoid becoming unappealing, copper must be cared for with special coatings more often than other materials.

Regardless, copper is great due to its natural antimicrobial features, which are essential in the kitchen. It’s also easy to clean. Still, copper can get easily scratched and is considerably expensive, so you either take it for life or install it in a small space to impress visitors.


For more budget-friendly options, we have laminated countertops made of plastic laminate and MDF. These affordable materials allow manufacturers to create various models and designs in different colours, making them more versatile than other natural materials.

Laminate countertops are the best option for those who love DIY projects because they come in pre-fabricated patterns and can be cut in any shape. Due to their high demand, laminates also come in more rigid forms, so they can be durable, too. However, they chip easily and have a low resale value.

Recycled glass

Recycled glass is also great for budget projects. Glass tiles are applied over a cement board, creating a new material. It can be easily customised, making it renter-friendly and accessible to any customer.

Still, recycled glass might not be the best idea for long-term kitchen projects due to its low durability. While it can also be used for countertops, recycled glass is better for a kitchen backsplash since the seams between the tiles can get stained fast. At the same time, the glass can be of low quality, so it can chip or crack easily. Hence, it’s a good option if you need to replace the countertops fast but not for long-lasting projects.

Choosing the best kitchen countertop material seems effortless, as most countertops already have them built within the final product. However, not all are good-looking, so if the aesthetics are your priority, you might need to research a bit more for the best material. Some of the nicest options include concrete, hardwood and copper, but they might require frequent care and can be pretty pricey. Of course, more affordable options like recycled glass can look cute, too, but are not meant for the long-term.

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