What have you learned from your year of homeschooling?

While it felt like it would go on forever, the kids going back to school on Monday signified the (hopefully permanent) end of our year of unexpected homeschooling. As much as many of us might want to put the stress and pressure behind us, however, it might pay not to discard our home teaching so soon. In fact, while it wasn’t always easy riding, the ability to take control of learning stands to teach us all a thing or two about how we help our children to thrive moving forward.

Specifically, this year of being able to tailor lessons for our kids alone has taught us a thing or two about the power of personalised learning. Far from going back to cardboard cutout classes, now is therefore the ideal time for parents to get more proactive in ensuring that children get the education they need at all times.


The question is, how exactly can you make sure of that with your kids back in the classroom?

Don’t forget to talk to their teachers


This past year has strengthened teacher-parent communications like never before. Far from the typical parent’s evening meetups, teachers and parents have had to work closely together to develop coordinated lesson plans and cohesive daytime structures.

This has been incredibly beneficial for ensuring that parents are way more in-the-loop about education than they would’ve been pre-2020, and that’s a benefit worth holding onto. After all, knowing what’s happening at school is vital for addressing issues or praising our kids as and when the need arises. So, don’t drop that teacher just because you can. Make sure to keep the lines of communication very much open to continue enjoying the benefits on offer.

Keep utilising new teaching technologies

‘Edtech’ very much came into its own this past year, and it’s important not to ditch all that just because school’s back in progress. After all, those educational programs are still a fantastic way to make the most of screen time, as are grade-tailored, fun learning portals like those offered by Age of Learning. You might not want to be as stringent with how often your kids use these tools at home now, but finding ways to continue incorporating them could certainly see them enjoying increased educational benefits into the future.

Find new ways to play an active role

While you won’t want to pile more lessons on your kids once they get home, it is still worth playing an active role in their education. In a post-pandemic world, the part you play here is going to look a little different, but it could still take the form of active awareness of the topics they’re studying, or even participation in the parent’s association at their school. This way, you stay at the forefront and ensure that you continue to enhance their education from home in subtle ways.

Homeschooling might be over, but your education as your child’s best possible advocate isn’t. Keep enhancing their education and yours with these points in mind.

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