Wellness tips for Moving Day

Stress and moving house go hand in hand, right? Well, they don’t have to – not if you take the time to invest in your wellness in the days up to, and on the big day, anyway.

Below are some moving day wellness tips that will make your next move less stressful and more blissful!

couple on bed surrounded by moving boxes

Start with a hearty breakfast

Before the moving vans roll around, be sure to kick off the big day with a proper breakfast. Forget your sad piece of toast; you need the energy only a king-sized meal can provide. Think protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. A classic porridge jazzed up with nuts and fruits or scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast should do the trick. It’s the kind of fuel that keeps you going through box Tetris and sofa-lifting shenanigans.

Stay hydrated—your secret weapon

It might seem like a minor thing, but ensuring that you always have access to water while you are moving could make a world of difference to your wellness. When you feel dehydrated, you are more likely to get cranky and annoyed and more likely to experience headaches. By simply carrying a water bottle along with you, your move can, therefore, be a whole lot more serene.

Dress for success (and comfort)

Sure, you might not want to look like a slob when you rock up in front of all of your new neighbours – first impressions and all that – but that doesn’t mean you need to dress up in those stiff jeans and those toe-pinching pumps either! If you want to get through moving day feeling your best, then comfort and practicality are the orders of the day. Think supportive trainers, breathable layers, and if the weather’s dodgy, a trusty waterproof jacket. And remember, pockets are friends. They’re perfect for keeping your phone and keys safe!

Pace yourself—it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Sure, you might want to get it over and dine with as soon as possible, but rushing your move, like rushing a marathon, is a surefire recipe for failure and stress. It’s a much better idea to break the workload into manageable chunks and take regular breaks. Every couple of hours, step away from the boxes, stretch your legs, and rest your mind. A short walk or a bit of fresh air can recharge your batteries and ward off any box-induced blues.

Snack smartly

Keep snacks on hand that won’t leave you feeling sluggish. Ditch the crisps and chocolate for something that boosts energy levels without the crash. Fruit, nuts, or energy bars are all great choices. They’re easy to munch on the go, and they’ll keep your energy stable, even when you’re surrounded by a sea of boxes.

Keep a good humour toolkit

woman with moving boxes

Prepare a ‘good humour toolkit’. This could include a playlist of your favourite upbeat tunes, a small book of jokes, or even access to a comedy podcast. When the stress levels rise, a good laugh or a singalong can be just the thing to lift spirits and foster a bit of team spirit amongst your helpers.

Mind your muscles—stretch it out

Lifting boxes and shifting furniture can wreak havoc on your muscles, so incorporate some light stretching into your day. Focus on your back, shoulders, and neck—areas that can suffer during heavy lifting. This isn’t just about feeling good; it’s about preventing a next-day scenario where you’re as stiff as a board.

Use technology to ease the load

Technology is there to make our lives easier, so let it! Use apps for everything from checking your moving checklist to controlling your home’s heating remotely (so it’s nice and cosy when you arrive). Let your gadgets handle some of the mental load while you deal with the physical one.

Stay connected

Moving can be isolating, especially if you’re relocating to a new area. Keep your phone charged and accessible to stay connected with friends and family. A quick chat or a reassuring text can give you a boost and keep feelings of overwhelm at bay.

The first night lit

Prepare a first night kit with all your essentials—pyjamas, toothbrush, a good book, and some luxury items like scented candles or your favourite tea. Knowing you’ve got everything you need to unwind can help you look forward to the calm after the storm, making the upheaval feel more manageable.

Delegate tasks wisely

Don’t try to be a superhero. Delegate tasks based on people’s strengths and comfort levels. If Aunt Susan has a knack for organizing, put her in charge of coordinating where boxes go. Got a friend who’s a fitness fanatic? They might be the perfect candidate for the heavier lifting. Delegating not only eases your load but also helps everyone feel involved and useful, turning a potentially chaotic day into a collaborative effort.

Plan meals ahead

The last thing you want to worry about on moving day is cooking. Plan ahead and consider prepping meals that can easily be reheated or served cold. Alternatively, budget for a takeout meal to celebrate the day’s hard work. Feeding your crew keeps morale high and provides the necessary fuel to power through the unpacking.

Have an emergency kit

Accidents happen, especially when moving heavy objects and dealing with stress. Keep a basic emergency kit handy, including plasters, antiseptic wipes, and some basic over-the-counter pain relief. Having these essentials close by can handle small incidents swiftly without having to rummage through boxes or dash to the nearest store.

Time to say goodbye

If you are the emotional type, and you know leaving your home for pastures new will be an upsetting experience, be sure to set aside some time on moving day to really say goodbye to your house and put your feelings to bed once and for all. This will make the transition so much easier in the long term.

Moving day doesn’t have to stress you out for the rest of the year!

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