The Weekend Box – review

The Weekend Box Club was sent to me with the purpose of writing an honest review in exchange for the item. All images and opinions are my own.


E loves doing arts and crafts and I love the “idea” of it. In reality though, we never seem to dedicate much time to it  – mainly because it requires effort on my part and also because of the mess it inevitably makes! Plus it usually means M wants to get involved too so chaos then ensues.

However, when the lovely people at The Weekend Box offered a free box for us to try I knew it would be right up E’s street.

The Weekend Box is a fortnightly subscription box packed with themed activities for children aged 3- 6. When this lovely little package dropped through our door E instantly knew it was for him and was very excited to find out what was inside.



We had an “Aztec” themed box which consisted of four different activities to make.

  • Aztec parrot
  • Aztec pattern prints
  • Aztec mosaic coaster and
  • Aztec hot chocolate


Each activity came in its own little package and came with an instruction card. E’s first choice was the Aztec parrots. We were provided with two different coloured powder paints to mix up, a range of coloured feathers, some card and googly eyes. We provided the cardboard rolls to make these.




E spent a lot of time making these and was very pleased with the end result – they are still sitting on our mantelpiece.


We then attempted the Aztec coasters. We were provided with the cardboard and two different coloured foam sheets which I had to help E cut up into squares. This took a while to do and E was getting a little impatient waiting for me to cut these up for him!


Our finished Aztec coasters!



E really enjoyed these activities and it made crafting an easier option for me with this ready made box. Aside from having to provide a few household items, everything else came from The Weekend Box. Priced at £.750 for a fortnights worth of weekend activities I think it is really reasonable, especially compared to other monthly craft boxes that are on the market.

Try your own box for free!

If you would like to try your own box simply visit The Weekend Box website and enter the code MARIA175

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  1. These are great! We had one not so long ago…..They’re so much fun x

  2. I love the Weekend Boxes, they are just perfect for school holidays! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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