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If you’re a regular reader of the blog then you’ll know that May is always a busy month for us with lots of birthdays to celebrate. This means that our spending goes a little out of whack – especially with many of our friends (and myself) turning 40 this year.

We have a family wedding next week and amongst all the birthday celebrations the wedding seemed to have suddenly crept up on us. Cue panic because we all need to find something to wear!

I went to my go-to place to shop a couple of weekends ago (TK Max) and managed to pick out a blue dress – my favourite colour for a bargain £25. It’s really flattering but I’m not sure if I’ll wear it. It’s above the knee which I think is a little short for a family wedding. I do have another option I can wear though, so I will see how I feel on the day.

Mr H will be wearing his new Navy Suit from Dobell which left having to find something for the boys. They grow so quickly that it didn’t make sense to spend a fortune. I wanted to find a shirt and a tie for them both but we had no luck in Primark or H&M. I then remembered that Debenhams has a good range of clothes for children and found a really cute waistcoat, shirt and tie set and a couple of t-shirts for our holiday to Spain next month. Before purchasing, I checked to see if there were any Debenhams Vouchercloud deals and found that I could get 10% off my order – perfect!

Our order arrived after just a few days and the waistcoat, shirt and tie set fit them both perfectly. I do think they look rather handsome in them – what do you think?


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