Waterfall hiking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous as a cosmopolitan city and for the wondrous attractions like the HK Disneyland, Ocean Park Aquarium, Victoria Peak etc. But it can be a place for nature lovers too! So, why wait? Book your flights through Cathay Pacific today and get ready to do some waterfall hiking! Here is a list of the best waterfall hikes in Hong Kong to add to your next itinerary. If you want to live in Hong Kong for a longer period of time, you may visit some property agency and the renting process is simple and fast.

Ng Tung Chai


The Ng Tung Chai Waterfall hike is extraordinary because you will be climbing the tallest mountain in Hong Kong. To get there, you have to take a 64 K bus from Tai Po Market or the Tai Wo MTR and get down at the Ng Tung Chai road which leads to the entrance. You will have the opportunity to walk through the jungles, discover many waterfalls including the Main Falls and the Scatter Falls. The distance of the hike is about 6km and the duration is 2 hours. But this can take longer if you spend time photographing around the waterfalls. The hike is safe and moderately difficult because of the slippery nature.

Bride’s Pool

Bride’s Pool Waterfall in Hong Kong is one of the easiest waterfall hikes but here is a warning, in rainy seasons this can be quite slippery so if you are not up for such an adventure this is not the hike for you. The Bride’s Pool waterfall is located near Tai Mei Tuk in the Plover Cove Country Park and therefore, takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach from Hong Kong city via the MRT. The waterfall was named such because of a legend circling it. It is said that a bride was taken across the falls on her wedding day but she has fallen into the water by accident and died. However, the hike is about 1 km and the duration to complete is 45 minutes. The hardest part is to get to the base of the waterfall but once you have made it through, you will know the struggle was worth it.

Silvermine Waterfall

Silvermine Water, the most beautiful waterfall in Lantau Island is not a hike but more like a small walk. Therefore, it is a beginner-friendly hike. You can also do the hike with small kids. This waterfall is one of a kind because two parallel waterfalls fall into a pool below giving a fantastic view. To get to the Silvermine Waterfall, you first have to take a ferry to Mui Wo from the Central Pier Terminal 6. From here it is about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall. The hike’s distance is about 500 meters.

Tai Tam Waterfall


The Tai Tam Waterfall is off the beaten tracks to preserve its natural beauty but it can be accessed easily from Hong Kong City. It is a waterfall hike that is suitable for families even with small kids. To get the Tai Tam Waterfall, you first have to get to the Sai Wan Ho MTR and from there you have to take the Bus No.14. Get down at the Tai Tam Reservoir bus stop. The entire area will take you to solitary with lush green vegetation, small streams, waterfalls and small pools in which you can have just for yourself! However, the hike is about 1 km and the duration to complete will be 1 hour.

Lotus Stream

If you are a beginner hiker, make sure to skip this hike because it is not for everyone out there. The Lotus Stream hike is difficult. To get to the Lotus Stream you have to take a bus from Tsing Yi MTR stop to the Tai Lam Tunnel. This is where your hiking trail starts. The distance covered is 10 km and the duration to complete the hike is 5 hours or more depending on your fitness level. You will be passing the lush greens and many waterfalls including the Lotus Fairy Falls and the Terrace Falls. Once you reach here, you can take a swim or simply relax listening to the sounds of the water falling over the rocks.

Tai Yuen Stream

This hike will be all in one for people who long for an adventure along with a laid back vibe in Hong Kong. Many footpaths lead to the Tai Yuen Stream and you can climb almost every waterfall you come across when hiking. There are many small waterfalls and pools to take a dip if the heat is too much for you. To get to the Tai Yuen Stream, you just have to take a bus to the Tai Mo Shan Terminal. The hike is fairly easy. So, it is best for even families and beginner hikers. The distance of the hike is 850 meters and the duration to complete may go up to 1 hour depending on your fitness level.

Ping Nam Stream

A glimpse of a paradise is offered to you at the Ping Nam Stream hike! That’s right. It is really beautiful, the landscape is filled with lush vegetation and the sounds of cascading waters. To get to the Ping Nam Stream, you have to take an MTR to Fanling station, go to Mong Kok East and take the bus 78k to Nam Chung. The hike is easy but some parts can be difficult to climb. Especially the beginning of the trail will be hard but towards the middle it is easy. However, it is one of the longest hikes in Hong Kong covering a distance of 14 km. The duration to complete the hike is 6 hours so this is not the hike for people who have a low fitness level. You can also climb up the Ping Nam Stream to get some nice photographs.

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