Use your garden during winter with a modern pergola

I wish winter was over with already, so we can spend time outdoors and not risk getting a cold… I wish the days weren’t as cold, rainy and dull. I know that these are all just wishes, but if there is one thing I can definitely change it would be to make the most out of my garden all-year-round and actually use it, no matter the weather. How to do this? With a modern pergola, that’s how.

Designer Shade Solutions retractable roof pergolas made in the UK are incredible and innovate alternatives to traditional pergolas. Don’t get me wrong; traditional pergolas are beautiful and stunning garden structures but these lack shade and protection from the elements.


And don’t just take it from me. Fashion and Style Police agrees with me and in this blog post, she mentions how she’s always loved the look of traditional pergolas but never went for it as they don’t give enough opportunities to enjoy your outdoor space. Can you see yourself enjoying your garden during a cold and rainy winter day under a traditional pergola? I didn’t think so.


These modern pergolas feature a retractable and tilting louvred roof that gives you all the flexibility you will ever need to make the most out of your outdoor space. Not only do these outdoor structures give your garden an interesting focal point but also increase your home’s value and add privacy.


As this article on A Beautiful Space mentions, “These retractable roof pergolas can define outdoor dining and entertainment spaces, offer privacy and adorn your garden for many years to come.” By adding a structure with a retractable roof in your outdoor space, you will be able to increase the time you spend outdoors and create the perfect space to spend time with the family.

I’m sure you know that spending time outdoors is good for you but let me say it again. Spending time outdoors is great for you and your family! According to this Harvard article, spending time outdoors elevates people’s mood, improves concentration and comes with many more physical and mental health benefits.

These modern pergolas can be combined with side screens, heating and lighting to create the ultimate outdoor retreat which you can use all-year-round, no matter rain or shine. Additionally, these feature radio-controlled systems which can be automated to react to the weather conditions.

As this article on Clear Lifestyles mentions, “modern pergolas offer luxury with a contemporary design and the ultimate function that anyone would like to have in their outdoor space.” These modern pergolas are truly the best addition to any garden or outdoor space. What do you think of these?

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