Turkey: the ideal holiday destination for the whole family

Turkey is a popular destination for holidays, every year there are millions of people who visit the mountainous and beautiful country to see amazing views or soak up the sunshine that is uninterrupted during the summer months. When so many are visiting there will always be different types of groups enjoying their yearly holiday, from friends to couples or families.


The seaside has always been a sought-after destination – even going back to the days when us Brits would only holiday within the UK. The desire to head to the beach doesn’t change when holidaying abroad either. When visiting Turkey you get as stunning beaches and beautiful seasides.

Fethiye and Oludeniz

Fethiye is a popular destination for families to head to on their well-earned holiday. With the busy town, beautiful harbour and it being only a short way from Oludeniz beach, it is an ideal destination for people across the world.

There is a beautiful harbour that runs from the traditional boatyard to the canal mouth. This walk offers amazing views of the twin mountains of BabaDag and Mendos and the island in the entrance of Fethiye’s seafront. From this harbour, you can take an AlaturkaCruises.Com a blue cruise, that visits peaceful bays and secluded beaches while heading to destinations such as Marmaris or Olympos.

A short distance from the centre of Fethiye is the Beach resort of Oludeniz. This resort is one of the most photographed locations on the Turquoise coast due to it being the location of the Blue Lagoon.  The Blue Lagoon is split into sections, one run by the local government while the others are privately run with most aiming to allow families to enjoy the sandy calm waters.


Turkey has been a popular destination for film and tv to come to, sometimes they use the backdrop as a replacement for somewhere else, other times they use the well preserved historical sites as the set. When the city has a wide variety of destinations ranging from modern river cruises along the Bosphorus to the remains of the Hippodrome.

Many people visit Istanbul for its lively atmosphere. The Grand Bazaar is a popular destination, with its many lanes and traditional Turkish market shopping including a little bartering which everyone tries at least once. The Spice Bazaar is only a short walk from the Grand Bazaar should not be missed. Its fresh and dried spice aroma fills the air with a smell that reminds most of a home cooked meal from distant lands. Turkish tea and coffee smell adds another layer to the perfume embracing the senses offering a refreshing feeling.

Photo by Wei Pan on Unsplash

Another place that should be visited in the Blue Mosque, while it is a working mosque, visitors are allowed inside when prayer is not happening. The inside of the mosque is extravagant, and each section is decorated with hand-painted tiles, numbering more than 20,000 detailing 50 different tulip designs.


Pamukkale or Cotton Castle is a destination with both natural and ancient attractions. What attracts many tourists to the area is the terraced waterfalls. These terraces are shallow pools of high mineral waters that flow down the stepped pools leaving glacier looking mineral flows behind. In the summer months, these pools absorb the warmth allowing relaxing warm water to walk around.


Pamukkale is not only famous for the terraced falls, the ancient city of Hierapolis is only a short distance from the pools. The city originally started from a temple that the Phrygians built, later to become a city with many temples. Eventually, the city was left to the care of Rome, who rebuilt the city into the style that we find today. The thermals in and around the city proved as popular then as they do now. Even to this day, the city’s warm natural baths are still able to be used by the public.

The Grand Theatre is something that anyone who goes says is unmissable. This ancient amphitheatre is large scale with enough seating for 12,000 with an amazing back to the stage area both having preserved in good condition.

Whether you are a family visiting for that well-earned break or just a group of friends want to experience something new, Turkey offers something for everyone. Making a holiday to Turkey truly unforgettable.

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