Top photo ideas that you should try on your big day

As marriage season is around the corner, it’s time to start planning for the photos. What are some photoshoot options that you should try on your big day? Here are some creative ideas that will give your guests something to talk about!

Capture the most important details

The day you’re getting married will be filled with wholesome and beautiful moments. Make sure that you capture all the important details of your wedding day so that you’ll have enough mementos to last a lifetime. Here are some photo ideas that you should try on your big day!


One of the most important details of any day like this is the rings! Make sure to capture plenty of photos of them, from all angles. Bride and groom getting ready is another important thing. Capturing the moments leading up to the ceremony is so important!

The first kiss is always a sweet moment, make sure to have someone capturing it forever on camera. Details of the venue are another thing you shouldn’t leave out. The decorations, flowers, and everything else at the venue will be so beautiful, make sure to get lots of photos! You’ll cherish these for years to come and will no doubt print and frame some of the best moments. Places like Photowall allow you to create prints for canvas and even your own wallpaper.

Get creative with the location

Find some amazing locations around your town or area before the ceremony to take some amazing photos. If you have a large family, getting creative with the location can help take up more space and make for a beautiful backdrop.

Go out in the nature surrounding your town and try getting pictures of you getting ready there, creating some wonderful memories that you can look back on for years to come. If you have a great location in mind, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer if they would like to take some pictures there, many times they will have done this before and will know all the best spots!

If you are getting married at a later time of day, consider using the sunset as your backdrop. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the bride and groom bathed in golden light as they say their vows.

Group shots

Make sure to take lots of different group shots during the day. From taking a photo of your bridal party to taking photos with all of your family members, there is no limit as to what kind or how many group photos you can take on your big day!

Don’t forget, these are going to go in albums and frames after the ceremony so it’s important that they look great from every angle. Take them indoors and outdoors with different background settings for each shot. This will ensure variety when choosing which ones work best for printing afterwards.

Use props

Take advantage of different props around you to enhance your photos on your big day. Props can add a fun and unique element to your photos and make for some great memories. Here are a few ideas of props you can use:

  • Signs with meaningful messages
  • Vintage items or furniture
  • Different hats or sunglasses
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Balloons
  • Pets! (If they’re well behaved, that is…)

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using props in your photos. Be creative and have fun with it! You may be surprised at how much these little additions can add to the overall look and feel of your photographs.

Create a story

From waking up on the big day, until the last guests leave, try to make a photo album in the form of a story. For instance, you can start with getting dressed and going to the venue in a taxi or on foot through your favourite places in town. Take pictures of all these locations and try creating a story around them, maybe one is an important place from your relationship.

The possibilities of creating a story are endless, so get creative! And don’t forget to have fun on your big day.

In 20 years, when you start looking through your photo album, you will be happy that you took the time to create a story.

Make sure there are tons of spontaneous shots

Snapping spontaneous pictures is a great way to capture natural and candid moments on your big day. Have someone stationed at the door take snapshots of guests as they arrive.

Ask your DJ or bandleader to take photos during breaks in the music. Capture the laughter and fun during cocktail hour. Make sure to get creative with photo opportunities during the reception dinner and don’t forget to let go and have some fun with a photo booth!

By planning ahead for spontaneous shots, you’ll make sure that you capture all of the happy memories from your big day.


Photos at your ceremony are something you’ll cherish your whole life. Make sure to capture all the details and get creative with the locations. Take a bunch of group shots and take advantage of the props you can find. Create a story of the day with photos and ensure there are spontaneous shots. Have fun and enjoy your married life!

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