Your tips on juggling work, school and family?

It’s been a hectic few weeks in our household with the new routine of school. We are all exhausted! I’m currently struggling with trying to fit everything in that needs to be done in the evenings.

I usually walk in from work at 5pm – say a quick hello to the kids, have a quick catch up with my mother in law before she leaves, then start the boy’s dinner. They usually sit down to eat around 5.30 (sometimes nearer 6!!) So once dinner is all over it’s then reading time with E (newly required from school) a quick play, then bath and bed.

I kind of feel like there should be a better way of doing this so that neither of us feel rushed and get some quality time together….but I can’t work out what will make it better? (other than more meticulous meal planning on my part and pre-cooking up batches of food to freeze)

I have asked my mother in law to start dinner so that its at least underway when I get back which saves a bit of time but I’m still feeling like I don’t get to spend much time with them both and I don’t see them in the mornings as I am out of the door before they wake….We now also bath every other day and it is much less stressful.

My favourite day of all at the moment is friday as not only do I not work and the weekend is in sight – it also means there is no school in the morning so if they boys are in bed a bit later than usual it really doesn’t matter.

Any tip or suggestions from all you lovely people out there? It’d greatly appreciated!


  1. Kathy Fletcher

    Possibly controversially I do a takeaway one night each week, usually fish and chips. I don’t have to cook and the girls look forward to it!

    We bath every other day or other other day (shhhhhhh!) and have been using the shower a lot to save time.

    I am not reading every night with my girl as she is too tired, but we do utilise bath time to practice sounds/spellings using the foam letters you can buy. Littlest girl also has a go which is a bonus, and I don’t feel so bad that we haven’t read….

  2. Thanks Kathy! Things are slowly settling down a bit now – we eat out every now and then as treat and the boys love it – I usually leave this until the end of the week though!

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