Three reasons to install a lift in your home

You may be wondering why you would need a lift in your home, as they are becoming more and more popular. There are many different types of residential lifts that come in all sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Here are three reasons to install a lift in your home

1. Make your home safe and more accessible

Installing home lifts will make your home more accessible, allowing users to be able to gain easy access to both levels of their home. It may be that you have elderly parents or a family member who has reduced mobility. In this instance, having a home lift will make their daily routine easier to maintain without having to navigate stairs. It’s also worth considering if you have a young family too, research shows that over 4000 children are involved in accidents on the stairs. For the elderly, some of the most serious accidents they are involved in also occur on the stairs too.


2. Increase the value of your property

You may associate lifts in the home as just mobility aids but this is not always the case. Choosing to install a lift in your home will add value to your property. Modern lifts are stylish and homeowners could gain a return of around 50% of the cost of the lift. However, this figure can of course change over time.

3. Future-proof your home

If you have bought your forever home, you may want to consider installing a lift as a way of future-proofing your home. By doing so, you won’t be forced to downsize to a bungalow or apartment when you are older and move out of a home that will hold so many special memories. 

You may think that having a lift will cause you headache and require a lot of attention. However, lifts are relatively easy to maintain and will only require cleaning to keep it in good condition. Domestic lifts should last for years and the break down of them is rare.


Things you should consider when choosing a lift

Decide where the lift will go, think about the size you need and style. How will this fit in with your existing interiors? It’s always best to take the time to speak to a few different companies and hear the ideas they will have for you. Discuss and decide what would be most suitable for your needs and budget.

Home lifts are becoming more and more popular, making them more affordable than ever.

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