The top 5 things I love most about a hotel stay

When the stress of life gets too much, there’s nothing better than taking some time out for some rest and relaxation. I love finding somewhere new to explore and going on a mini-break. The chance to get away from it all, not worrying about mundane things like cooking and cleaning. It can do wonders for my mental health. One of the best parts, though, is the hotel stay.

I’ve visited hotels of all different shapes and sizes over the years, from big hotel chains to small independent boutiques. Here are the top 5 things I love most about a hotel stay.

The Bed

The crisp white linen is so soft and hotel mattresses are so inviting that you can’t resist sinking into it; the plumped-up pillows are perfectly arranged and seem to cradle your head just right. Not to mention the way the bed is made immaculately; each corner is tucked in with precision without a single wrinkle on the duvet. It’s these small but thoughtful touches that make hotel beds not just comfortable but also a luxurious experience.

The best part is that after a night’s restful sleep, the bed will be magically restored to its pristine state before your head hits the pillow again.

luxury hotel

Buffet Breakfast

A hotel buffet breakfast is a feast for the senses, and there’s something to cater to every palate. Cereals ranging from granolas to rice flakes and muesli. Fresh fruit beautifully sliced and arranged that add a splash of colour to your plate. Freshly baked pastries, pancakes hot off the griddle, topped with a choice of maple syrup, fresh berries or even whipped cream. Arguably, the best part of the buffet breakfast (according to my kids anyway) is the full English Breakfast.

The variety of choice and the ambience of the hotel’s dining area sets you up for the day in the right way.

Home comforts

While it’s great to get away, we are creatures of habit, and I still love my home comforts away from home. A soft and fluffy dressing gown where I’m enveloped in a cocoon of warmth and luxury and slippers to keep my feet warm. Being able to conveniently sign into my streaming service to binge-watch my favourite shows. I get to explore new places and experiences, all the while having a cosy robe, inviting slippers and my beloved TV shows to return to at the end of the day. It’s these thoughtful details that make a hotel stay feel not just like a temporary escape but a home away from home.

Complimentary Mini-bar

It’s rare to find a hotel that goes that extra mile to provide a complimentary mini-bar, but the one we had the pleasure of staying in during our visit to Paris did just that. This thoughtful gesture was a lovely welcome to return to after a full day of exploring the city.

The Bathroom

Not just a place to soak those tired muscles in a full-sized bathtub. The hotel bathroom is a sanctuary of self-indulgence, a place where the stresses of travel are gently washed away – a haven of relaxation. Plush oversized towels, toiletries and soft ambient lighting add to the overall sense of hotel room luxury.

The perfect hotel stay weaves together comfort, luxury and indulgence. The top 5 things I love most all come together to create not only a great experience but a place to create memories.

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