The secrets of siding repair

Contractors have plenty of hands-on experience, and because of this, they’ve stumbled upon many secrets. In many cases, contractors keep these secrets to themselves. They’re only willing to share those secrets with other contractors. Thankfully, if you’re a layman, you don’t have to stay in the dark. Instead, you can find everything you need in this blog. We have plenty of tips and secrets here, and you won’t have to pay for any of them. These are some of our top suggestions for repairing siding and recognising that you may need a siding repair.


Vinyl Siding Repairs

Vinyl siding can be difficult to deal with. While it can look great when it’s installed, it’s prone to problems. Over time, it becomes more brittle, which can lead to cracking. To make matters worse, it can be costly to replace. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to repair vinyl siding and make it look like new again: colour-matched caulk. It’s possible to caulk over cracks and other damages, giving your vinyl a nice clean finish. Once it’s in place, you won’t be able to notice the caulk at all unless you look closely. To make things even better, caulk is very affordable. Another way you can repair vinyl siding is by using a zip tool. This is an affordable item you can purchase at a hardware store. It makes it easy to remove the bottom edges of your siding without breaking it. You can avoid damage even if the siding is already cracked.

Wood Siding Repairs

Wood siding has plenty of advantages over vinyl. You can even paint it to give your home a fresh new look. With that said, the edges of your siding could become waterlogged over time, which can lead to rotting. Fading is also a common problem. These issues are particularly common in North Idaho and can be a headache. Thankfully, we have a solution to this problem. To start, you’ll want to inspect your boards closely. The only boards that will need to be replaced are the ones that have started to rot. If your boards are simply wet, you can make them look like new again with some sanding. Inspecting your boards closely will keep you from replacing wood that hasn’t been damaged. Beyond that, you’ll need to make sure you cut away nails rather than pulling them out. Pulling out nails can lead to serious damage. Remember, you’re going to be using brand-new nails. There’s no reason not to saw them away. You’ll want to discard the nail heads after you remove them. If they’re left in the grass, they could wreak havoc on your lawnmower. Lastly, you’ll want joints to be staggered. When it comes to siding, straight lines can cause problems. With staggering, the wood will be properly sealed, and your siding will have a more uniform appearance. Clear away boards that have rotted, put new ones in their place, and you’ll be good to go.

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