The benefits of using a crating service

Do you need to ship a larger item and want it to get there in one piece? You can always break out the tools, purchase some wood planks, and get to work building a suitable crate. However, then you need to find the right packing material.

Don’t forget about getting the crate to the shipping service. Suddenly, not turning it into a DIY job seems pretty attractive. While this is an advantage to using a crating service, it’s far from the only one. To help guide you, here’s a look at some of the benefits of using a crating service.

Crates of all sizes

While you probably already know there’s no point in using a crate that’s too small for the item you’re shipping, the same applies to one that’s too large.

When the crate is significantly larger than your item, you run the risk of it being damaged. Even a ton of packing paper isn’t going to be enough to keep things from shifting inside the crate. If the item is damaged due to your packing, the shipping service isn’t going to be responsible.

Using a crating service means you have access to custom-sized crates that fit whatever you’re shipping to a T. If the item has odd angles or is a weird size, the service can easily create a custom crate. Yes, you may pay a little extra but it’s worth the expense when your item arrives in perfect condition.

forklift with crates

Custom crates come with built-in protection

Whether you’re shipping a small end table from a box store or an antique chair passed down for generations, you want it to arrive in the same condition it left in. This isn’t always easy but you can reduce the risk of damage using a custom crate.

The crate isn’t only built to size, but it can also include protection. Foam inserts can be attached to the sides to prevent scratches and shifting during shipping. If moisture and extreme temperature changes are a concern, a crate can be built with insulation.

What if you’re shipping something that has strict standards and regulations, for example, medical equipment? Furniture and other household items aren’t the only things being shipped in crates.  A qualified crating service is familiar with the various requirements you need to follow to ship everything from sensitive medical equipment to a mixing board for DJs.

Crating services are cost-effective

Yes, using a crating service comes with a price; you’ll pay for the crate, packing materials, and shipping costs. If you look at the costs separately, it can seem a bit much. After all, you can save a few bucks and build a crate in your basement or garage.

However, sometimes what seems like a rather high price is actually a cost-effective option. You’re saving time and money by not purchasing materials to build the crate. You’re also not trying to come up with ways to ensure your item stays safe. Did you know you even get to keep the crate? This means if you need to ship the item again, you already have the crate.

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